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How to Enable Night Mode on the Pixel 2



This guide explains how to use Night Mode on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, and why you might want to. Similar to Samsung’s blue light filter or Apple’s night shift, Google’s new phones have a feature known as Night Light. This changes the screen colors at night to help you sleep better.

Night Light is a new feature that aims to cut down on eye strain while using a smartphone at night. It’s also been shown to increase sleepiness and help owners fall asleep faster.

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The thought is that blue light coming from our smartphones causes eye strain, and stimulates the brain. Causing smartphone users to have eye fatigue and stay awake longer than they should. With our help though, your Pixel 2 will automatically cut out that light and help you get a good nights rest.

How to Use the Night Light on Pixel 2

Every manufacturer calls this feature something different. It’s a Blue Light filter for Samsung, Night Shift on iOS, and Night Light on the Pixel and Android 8.0 Oreo. You can quickly find or search for it in settings, or follow our instructions below.

First, we’ll explain how to turn it on, then we’ll get into some customization so your phone does it for you every night. Start by pulling down the notification bar and heading into the settings menu

  • Pull down the notification bar and select Settings (gear-shaped icon)
  • Scroll down and tap on Display
  • Choose the second option called Night Light
  • Toggle the On/Off Status Switch
  • Then turn the filter up or down to fit your preference

Once you turn it on you’ll instantly notice a drastic difference in how your screen looks. All the blue light disappears, and the screen has an orange or red tint to it. Move the slider back and forth to manage how strong, or how light, this feature is.

Additionally, the Pixel 2 will automatically turn this feature on and off each day for you. That way it’s instantly enabled at night, and goes back to normal when you wake up. In the Night Light settings menu, select schedule and choose from one of the two options.

The first option will let you choose what time it turns on and off, so you can match it to your sleeping habits, or when you wind down at night. Then, there’s an easier choice that does it for you at sunrise and sunset. Furthermore, Night Light uses display sensors to adjust the sensitivity when it’s in use, giving owners the best experience.

In closing, you can also add the Night Light quick toggle to the notification pulldown bar for quick access. From here, one tap turns it on with ease. Keep in mind that the first few days using this feature may feel unnatural and make the phone seem extremely blue during regular operation. You’ll get used to it, and your eyes and brain will appreciate it. While you’re here, take a peek at these 20 best Pixel 2 XL cases.

20 Best Google Pixel 2 XL Cases

Google Fabric Cases

Google Fabric Cases

First up is an official case directly from Google. These are available at its online store, and they're made almost entirely from fabric. It sounds weird, but the result is a case that's amazingly soft and comfortable to hold and use. Then, the inside has a hard polycarbonate shell that keeps the phone safe and resists damage from drops. 

Google lines the inside of these cases with a soft microfiber too, so the metal and glass stay nice and new. Also, before you ask, most cases should work with the Active Edge squeeze feature for the Google Assistant. As long as the case isn't too bulky, it will register the squeeze. 

Personally, fabric cases are my favorite over the past year, with Incipio (on this list) making one of the best. Google's are expensive, but they're made inside and out by Google, just like the phone. 

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