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20 Best Google Pixel 2 XL Cases



Speck Presidio Grip

Speck Presidio Grip

Next, we must mention Speck, as they're an extremely well-known brand sold in carrier and retail stores around the United States. Every case from Speck meets military-grade certifications and can handle drops from nearly 8-10 feet. 

Basically, throwing your Pixel 2 XL in a Speck case ensures its safety from accidents, bigger accidents than most cases can protect from. With a durable polycarbonate hard shell frame, it's very rugged. Then, the inside sports a soft TPU rubber material that squeezes through cracks in the back of the body. This adds extra texture and grip to the back. Making it easier to hold and use, adding shock absorption if you drop it, and a little bit of styling. Speck cases are a little expensive and more bulky on the sides than some, but it's worth it if you drop phones often. 

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