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20 Best Google Pixel 2 XL Cases



Incipio DualPro Pixel 2 Case

Incipio DualPro Pixel 2 Case

These days a lot of cases get designed with two layers of material for the perfect blend of comfort, thickness, and protection. One of the first companies to offer a "dual layer" case is Incipio. They're a trusted name that's an official Made for Google partner, sold in Verizon stores, and available at Best Buy. 

The Incipio DualPro is the original dual layer hybrid case. It features a durable inner shell that interlocks with the shock-absorbing Plextonium outer frame that's soft to the touch. Resulting in a slim, comfortable, sleek case that's extremely durable. Additionally, each Incipio case is military-grade certified up to 8ft drops. So yes, this will keep your phone safe. 

Buy it Now in a few different colors for $29.99



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