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HyperX Cloud Mix Rose Gold Review



The HyperX Cloud Mix in Rose Gold is a stylish gaming headset that pulls double duty as a general Bluetooth headset and the optional boom mic that’s certified for TeamSpeak and Discord is also great for taking a conference call.

While most gaming headsets are a mix of black and red or black and green, the HyperX Cloud Mix is white with Rose Gold accents. This is a small change, but it looks more like a fashionable Bluetooth headset when you use it in that mode and professional enough to use on a conference call as well as when gaming.

It’s rare to find one headset that can handle every need, but the HyperX Cloud Mix fills this need with ease. From the game room to the street and then to work, it’s everything you need.

The HyperX Cloud Mix Rose Gold is an excellent all around headset for gaming, music and even calls.

The HyperX Cloud Mix Rose Gold is an excellent all-around headset for gaming, music and even calls.

Many gaming headsets are optimized to work with one system, but the HyperX Cloud Mix works with basically any gaming setup since it is a wired headset with a 3.5mm headphone jack. I tested it with the Xbox One and PS4, but you can easily use it on the Nintendo Switch or PC. You can also use the Bluetooth connection for your phone, tablet or laptop.

While I’m not the world’s biggest fan of rose gold, the mix of white and rose gold works really well here. The mainly white look is clean and as if Apple designed a gaming headset. Most of the headset is a brilliant white and the metal arms are rose gold with a rose gold HyperX logo on each earcup. This is a super-light headset, which is perfect for long gaming sessions or listening on the go. Memory foam earcups and a headband complete the comfort with plush cushioning. The lightweight is also handy if you stash these in a backpack.

This is a great look for a gaming headset.

This is a great look for a gaming headset.

Controls are simple and easy to use with volume and a play/pause button on the headset. When you plug in the wired connection to play a game with, you control the volume with the inline remote where there is also a mute switch.

While gaming, the best performance is plugging the 3.5mm headphone jack in. This is a quality braided cable in a matching white fabric. The remote is easy to use, just make sure that you remember to plug it in the right direction. This is also the perfect time to plug the detachable boom mic back in. This offers better voice quality tan the integrated microphone that you’ll likely want to use when in Bluetooth mode. This is also great for upping your voice quality on a conference call when connected to your computer.

Game sound quality is good with a well rounded with a good amount of bass. The bass does sound a little boosted, but it’s not too heavy to interrupt with gaming. I primarily play PUBG, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Madden 20 and Forza Horizon 4. Hearing footsteps and directional information are essential in the first two games, and the Cloud Mix does a good job here. I was able to accurately place the directional information, but I do miss an EQ that boosts the footstep sounds like with the Plantronics Rig 800LX or Sound BlasterX G6. It’s still a great headset for gaming, but if you like multiple EQ options, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Control the volume when gaming with the in-line remote.

Control the volume when gaming with the in-line remote.

When listening to music or watching movies, the Cloud Mix really impressed with a good soundstage that adds depth to the music and the same performance that helps with directionality in games provides a similar experience with instruments when listening to music. I went into this assuming that the sound while gaming would be the primary focus, but came away impressed with the musical capabilities. There is no active noise canceling happening, but the over the ear design and large earcups create a good seal that blocks out a good deal of ambient noise in my office or in a coffee shop.

Battery life is rated at 20 hours on a charge, which feels about right based on my testing and when you plug them in you don’t need to rely on battery power. Charge the headset up with micro USB, and there is an included white charging cable that you can keep in the accessory bag.

You can’t use the wired connection and Bluetooth at the same time. Some users may want to game and keep their phone connected to either listen to music at the same time or easily take a call while gaming.


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