iOS 9 Release Date: 10 Things You Need to Watch For
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iOS 9 Release Date: 10 Things You Need to Watch For



iOS 9 Reviews

iOS 9 Reviews

If you own an older device or if you're coming from older iOS software, you're going to want to be extremely careful.

Large iOS updates like iOS 9 promise new features and performance improvements but they also have the potential to wreck havoc on your device. It can happen immediately and it can happen over the course of several weeks or months. 

You'll want to watch for early basic iOS 9 feedback but you'll also want to watch for detailed and long-term iOS 9 reviews.

We're going to be providing in-depth feedback about the iOS 9 update and we expect to see other critics post their thoughts on the update's new features, apps, and more. If the initial feedback doesn't sell you on iOS 9, wait a few days or even a few weeks for us, and others, to provide you with analysis. 


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