iOS 9 Release Date: 10 Things You Need to Watch For
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iOS 9 Release Date: 10 Things You Need to Watch For



Potential iOS 9 Problems

Potential iOS 9 Problems

You'll want to dig into feedback on performance and you'll also want to watch for potential iOS 9 problems both before and on the iOS 9 release date. 

Developers using the iOS 9 GM should provide some clarity regarding potential iOS 9 problems but the most important feedback will come from regular iOS 9 users on the iOS 9 release date. 

You'll want to keep your eye on social media and Apple's discussion forums to ensure that the iOS 9 update isn't plagued with anything other than common problems like battery drain and issues with connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc). Major issues typically reveal themselves right off the bat.

Apple and its testers have done extensive testing ahead of the iOS 9 release date but we will almost certainly see some issues slip through the cracks. Keep an eye and an ear open for problems and potential fixes for those problems. 

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