iOS 9 Release Date: 10 Things You Need to Watch For
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iOS 9 Release Date: 10 Things You Need to Watch For



Early iOS 9 Performance Feedback

Early iOS 9 Performance Feedback

Another thing you'll want to watch for is feedback on the iOS 9 update's performance. Both before and after the iOS 9 release date. 

Yesterday, Apple released an iOS 9 Gold Master, the final version of the iOS 9 beta. The update should be identical to the iOS 9 update that Apple releases next week to the public. This is important because iOS 9 GM users are already providing feedback on performance across many different devices.

You'll also want to keep an eye out for feedback on the iOS release date itself, especially if you own an older device or coming from an old version of iOS. You might feel tempted to install the iOS 9 update right when it's released but for many of you, it will be worth it to wait a few hours to watch for feedback. 

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