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iOS 9 Update: 10 Reasons to Install ASAP



10 / 10

You Love Siri & Search

You Love Siri & Search

Finally, the iOS 9 update is coming with a super-charged Siri. We've absolutely fallen in love with some of the new Siri features and we think they're a big reason why you might want to update to iOS 9. 

If you hold down the home button to access Siri, there is no longer a loud noise. You can ask Siri to show you photos from a location, date or album. You can train the Hey Siri feature to respond to your voice and your voice alone. And you can tell Siri to perform new and important actions.

These changes, and the intelligent changes Apple's made to search, are just two more reasons to consider installing the update when it arrives. 

10 / 10
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