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iOS 9 Update: 10 Things to Know After Two Months



iPhone 6 iOS 9 Performance

iPhone 6 iOS 9 Performance

I've also been using the iPhone 6 iOS 9 update for two months and my experience has been a little up and down. 

iOS 9.1 has been, without a doubt, the most stable version of iOS 9 though I've run into one annoying problem during my month with it. 

Apps are performing at a high level. So are battery life, Wi-Fi, and LTE. I haven't run into an UI lag problems either. What I have run into though are some problems with Bluetooth. These are fairly recently issues but they are starting to frustrate me. 

I've had problems trying to connect my iPhone 6 to my Bose SoundLink Mini. The iPhone 6 recognizes the speaker but for whatever reason, it can't connnect. This happens about 20% of the time. The other 80% it's perfectly fine. 

The issue is odd but even if I knew about it ahead of time, it wouldn't be enough to push me away from this update. The new emojis and the bug fixes have made it worth it. If you're coming from an older version of iOS 9, I think iOS 9.1 is a no-brainer. (There's a good chance you won't run into the same Bluetooth problems.)

If you're coming from iOS 8, iOS 9.1 is definitely worth considering. It's the most stable version of iOS 9 and iOS 9's long list of features make it a worthy upgrade from the older version of iOS.

For more on the iPhone 6 Plus iOS 9.1 update, head here.

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1 Comment

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