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iPad Pro Release: 5 Things the iOS 9 Update Reveals



The new iOS 9 update delivers key details about what to expect form the larger iPad Pro that rumors continue to suggest Apple will deliver in the near future to add productivity and screen space to a new iPad with a huge screen and new features.

Apple announced the iOS 9 update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch art WWDC 2015 in early June. During this event Apple did not mention a new iPad Pro, but after looking at all the new iOS 9 iPad features and piecing together the details discovered in the iOS 9 update code it’s clear that iOS 9 is setting the table for an iPad Pro release.

This is not officially for the iPad Pro, and some of these features will come to the iPad Air 2 that is already on store shelves, but we always see small hints of what to expect in new Apple products from the major iOS updates.

If you are waiting for the iPhone 6s release to buy a new iPhone, the iOS 9 update tells us six things to expect from the new iPhone in 2015.

What the iOS 9 update tells us about the iPad Pro release.

What the iOS 9 update tells us about the iPad Pro release. Image via Martin Hajek

For months iPad Pro rumors leaked hinting at a Surface Pro 3 competitor from Apple that mixes in a bigger 12.9-inch screen, new input methods like a stylus and stereo speakers to name a few. Optional add ons like a keyboard and a mouse could help expand the use of the device.

One rumor suggests Apple plans to add a port for connectivity on the iPad Pro. If this is the case, expect to see USB Type C, like the MacBook sports. This connection allows for adapters and allows users to charge the device.

Here’s a look at what users need to know about the iPad Pro and how the iOS 9 update hints that this device is real and how iOS 9 might show some key details.

iPad Pro Release: 5 Things the iOS 9 Update Reveals

Fall iPad Pro Release Date

Fall iPad Pro Release Date

The iOS 9 update arrives for the average user this fall. Apple did not announce any specific iOS 9 release date yet, but September is a likely month for the update to arrive.

Apple traditionally releases the new iOS update two days before the new iPhone release date and the iPhone 6s release is very possible in late September based on Apple's history.

The iPad Pro release date is set for September according to a Bloomberg Business report in March. Another recent report suggests the iPad Pro release date will not arrive until 2016.

With iOS 9 arriving in fall 2015 with clear upgrades that will make the iPad Pro possible there is a good chance that the iPad Pro release date is planned for soon after the iOS 9 update and iPhone 6s.


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