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iPhone 11 Pro vs Galaxy Note 10: What You Need to Know



Now that the new iPhone 11 Pro is finally here to take on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10, phone buyers are likely considering both of these powerhouse phones. Especially those who want great cameras and a big screen.

This year the iPhone 11 is a “Pro” model and packs three rear cameras, which means expectations are quite high. And so far, it looks pretty great.

However, it’s not the only phone with a bunch of cameras on the back. In fact, the Galaxy Note 10 packs four rear cameras, and most of the same photography features Apple touted on stage. Both have plenty to offer, so here’s how the two compare.

In this quick guide or comparison we’ll go over the screen sizes and notch, cameras, camera features, specs, and pricing for those still on the fence. Basically, this is our Galaxy Note 10 vs iPhone 11 Pro for potential buyers.

On September 10th Apple announced three new iPhone models, all of which have awesome camera capabilities, fast performance, beautiful screens and powerful internals. They’re also really expensive. Like, really expensive, even the base 64GB RAM model. Additionally, Samsung announced three versions of its flagship Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ in August, and you probably want both of these phones, but can only choose one.

Buyers have several great smartphones to choose from right now, like the iPhone Xr, OnePlus 7 Pro and Galaxy S10. However, Apple’s new iPhone 11 Pro and the Note 10+ are two of the best phones this year.

It’s a tough choice, we know. So, without further delay here are all the details. That way you can decide whether or not you’ll buy the iPhone 11 Pro right now or in the near future, or snag a Galaxy Note 10 Plus instead.

iPhone 11 Pro vs Galaxy Note 10: Design

iPhone 11 Pro vs Galaxy Note 10: Design

These two phones have big similarities, but they couldn't look more different. Each one looks as they'd expect, and have a style that fits its identity the brand has built over the years. Samsung's is smooth, sleek, with curved edges. Apple, on the other hand, put those big camera lenses right in your face.

Both phones pack huge screens, glass on the front and the back, a unique way of stretching the screen to the edges of the phone, and a slew of cameras on the back. 

There really isn't much we need to say about the design if we're being honest. Aside from maybe the fact that Apple's phones are made from an entire piece of "surgical grade" stainless steel, and Samsung uses aluminum. Other than that, they're exactly as you'd expect. 

Samsung went with a vertical stack of camera sensors all in one slim black frame to house them. It looks elegant, and honestly, similar to the iPhone Xs from last year. There are four cameras on the back of the Note 10+. Apple went with three big round separated camera lenses, sitting on top of an already raised piece of glass. They protrude more than we expected but should be excellent cameras. 

Perhaps the only difference visually that matters aside from the cameras (or the curved display) is the notch, vs no notch on Samsung's phone, but more on the display is in our next slide. 

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