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iPhone 5 iOS 9 Release: 7 Things to Expect



iOS 9 Release Time

iOS 9 Release Time

Apple is a company of patterns and we don't expect that to change this fall. That's why we're expecting an iOS 9 release time that mirrors past iOS releases. 

Historically, Apple's released its major iOS updates between 9AM and 10AM PST, give or take a few minutes. This is precisely what we're expecting from the iPhone 5 iOS 9 release time. Of course, not everyone lives in the PST time zone so times will differ. Here's what we're expecting from other regions:

London – 6 PM

Moscow – 9 PM

New Dehli – 10:30 PM

Shanghai – 1 AM

Tokyo – 2 AM

Melbourne – 3 AM

Auckland – 5 AM

If you live far away from the west coast of the United States, there's a good chance that you'll have to stay up late or wake up early if you want to download the iOS 9 update right when it comes out. You might not want to do that though. Hear us out...

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