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iPhone 5 iOS 9 Release: 7 Things to Expect



iOS 9 Problems

iOS 9 Problems

We're expecting iPhone 5 iOS 9 problems to emerge as soon as the company releases the software upgrade next month.

We expect the initial problems to be related to the iOS 9 download. Apple's servers are going to get slammed with requests the minute the update comes out and we expect to see download times suffer because of it. We'd also expect to see various other errors and problems pop up. We always do. 

We would not, however, expect these iOS 9 installation problems to be as widespread as they normally are on iOS release day.

You will need less than 2GB of free space to download and install the iOS 9 update through Settings. This is a huge change and it should cut down on complaints from 16GB iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. In the past, users have had to delete files (or install via iTunes) to get around this problem. 

We also expect there to be the usual complaints about battery life, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, apps, and more. And this being the iPhone 5, we expect there to be a number of complaints about performance. iOS 9 is coming with performance enhancers but we still expect to see a number of older iPhones get hit with performance issues. 

That said, you can expect many of these fixes to squash iOS 9 problems so keep these in mind as we progress towards the device's release date.

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