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iPhone 6s vs. Galaxy S6 Edge: 10 Important Details



You may have heard. There’s a new iPhone on the way and there’s reason to believe that it’s an iPhone 6s, not an iPhone 7. With rumors starting to firm up, we’ve been taking a look at how the iPhone 6s rumors stack up against the competition and today we want to focus on the flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Here’s what buyers need to know as we make our way into summer.

Earlier this year, Samsung took the stage at MWC 2015 to announce brand new smartphones. One device was the Samsung Galaxy S6, a flagship successor for the Galaxy S5, and a device that instantly became a top rival for Apple’s 4.7-inch iPhone 6 flagship.

The other device was a curved Galaxy S6 variant called Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The Galaxy S6 Edge is just like the Galaxy S6 only it has a display that’s bent over the two sides of the design. Thus, the name “Edge.” The Galaxy S6 Edge, like the Galaxy S6, is a top iPhone competitor and it’s one of the best smartphones on the market right now.


The market is going to be infused with some fresh blood this fall and one device that’s sure to make a name for itself is the iPhone 6s. The iPhone 6s isn’t official just yet but thanks to a flurry of rumors and leaks, it’s clear that Apple has an iPhone 6 successor up its sleeve for the fall.

As we make our way to Apple’s inevitable fall launch date, you might find yourself comparing what’s to come to what’s out right now. One comparison that might cross your mind is the Apple iPhone 6s vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. 2015 flagship vs. 2015 flagship.

You’ll have to wait until Apple announces its new iPhone to make the official comparison but there are enough credible iPhone 6s rumors out there to make an early one. Today we want to take a look at how the rumored iPhone 6s is matching up with Samsung’s curved flagship and give you some important details to take with you as we move deeper into the summer.

You Can Get Familiar With The Designs Right Now

You Can Get Familiar With The Designs Right Now

This year, Samsung finally upped the ante with its design. And now, Samsung's flagship design is on par with Apple's iPhone. 

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge design uses premium build materials which include glass and metal. It's gorgeous and there are some that prefer it over the iPhone 6's metal design which be a little slippery in the hand. 

Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge comes with an improved fingerprints sensor that's touch-based like the iPhone 6's Touch ID. And it also comes with a slim form factor that makes the device easy to hold in one hand and easy to store in a jean pocket. It also makes the phone managable when paired with a case. 

If you're thinking about buying the Galaxy S6 Edge or iPhone 6s, we recommend getting hands on with these phones right now. The reason is simple.

The iPhone 6s design isn't expected to change much from last year's model. Remember, Apple redesigns its iPhones every two years. This is expected to be an "S" model which means we'll probably see tweaks and not a complete overhaul. 

Their sizes and build materials will be a little different so you'll want to gain some knowledge now ahead of the iPhone 6s launch. Go into a store or borrow the phones from your friends so that you can get a feel for which one you like better.

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