iPhone SE 2: 3 Reasons to Wait & 3 Reasons to Stop Waiting

Apple is reportedly working on a sequel to the popular 4-inch iPhone SE and today we want to walk you through some reasons to wait, and a few reasons to stop waiting for the rumored iPhone SE 2 release.

If you’re in the market for a new iPhone, but you don’t want one with a huge display, you’ll want to take a long hard look at Apple’s 4-inch iPhone SE.

With iPhone 5 software support finished, and with the iPhone 5s on its last legs, the iPhone SE is the best small screen iPhone available. The device’s iOS 11 update is solid and the iPhone SE recently got 50+ new emoji characters thanks to iOS 11.1.

The iPhone SE is worth considering in 2017, but you’ll also want to take note of the iPhone SE 2 rumors that’ve emerged as we push toward 2018.

Nothing is confirmed, but there’s a chance Apple will continue to offer an 4-inch alternative to those that aren’t in love with the iPhone’s current size.

Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus feature 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays and the flagship iPhone X comes with a 5.85-inch display.

It probably won’t happen this year, but rumors point to a potential launch  in early 2018. And with the year winding down, some of you might want to think about waiting for the iPhone SE 2 launch.

With that said, some of you might not want to wait for Apple to announce a new 4-inch iPhone. After all, there are several excellent iPhone SE 2 alternatives on the market right now. There are also some great deals on Apple’s current crop of iPhones.

Wait If You Want the Best Software Support

Wait If You Want the Best Software Support

If you plan on keeping your next iPhone for a long time you might want to think about waiting for the next version of the iPhone SE. 

If you're the kind of person that typically waits three, four, five years to upgrade your phone, the rumored iPhone SE 2 has appeal. 

Apple probably won't advertise it as one of the key features, but the device will almost certainly get at least four years of software support.

Software support includes major OS upgrades with new features and it also means a constant stream of bug fixes and important security patches.

While it might be tempting to go with another 4-inch model like the current iPhone SE, iPhone 5s, or even the iPhone 5, their software support will be coming to an end much sooner. Again, the iPhone 5 won't get iOS 11 and the iPhone 5s probably won't get iOS 12. 

The iPhone SE 2's hardware will also ensure that the device gets robust versions of iOS 11 and iOS 12. iOS updates for older updates are often limited because of hardware limitations.

If you plan on keeping your next phone for several years and you love getting the latest features, fixes, and patches, think about waiting.

The iPhone SE 2 won't come this year, but there's a chance it'll follow in the original iPhone SE's footsteps and emerge at Apple's annual spring event. 

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