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10 Best FM Radio Apps for Android



10 / 10

Radio FM

Radio FM

Last but not least is the Radio FM app. This one isn't anything amazingly special, and they don't have a great user interface like NextRadio. However, Radio FM gives you a massive selection of real FM radio stations from all around the country. If you want FM, AM, NPR, talk radio, sports and more from anywhere in the USA, you'll want to try this application. 

Radio FM actually has over 30,000 stations from 200+ countries around the world. So it's not just for those in the US. The only problem with Radio FM is you're not actually getting real, live, FM radio. It's internet-streaming radio. So yes, you can listen to music live from multiple sources, but you'll need internet access like WiFi. Just keep that in mind. 

At the end of the day, one of the all-around best options for real FM Radio Tuners on Android is NextRadio. Almost everything else is just streaming radio stations over the internet. That's still great, it's just not free and using the chip inside your phone. Either way, try Radio FM because they have a huge selection. 

Download Radio FM

Don't forget about Slacker Radio, Spotify, Jango Radio and the many other options for Android. 

10 / 10
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