10 Best FM Radio Apps for Android
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10 Best FM Radio Apps for Android



NextRadio (Free Live Radio)

NextRadio (Free Live Radio)

If you're looking for the best overall "Live FM Radio" for Android, you'll want to try NextRadio first. They're one of the best, and you probably heard a commercial for their service and got curious. 

NextRadio unlocks the FM chip or transmitter inside your phone, and finds live, over-the-air music and radio stations in real-time and delivers them to you. The app works great, and it will use your headphones as a wired antenna for better signals and find your favorite stations. Yes, that also means you need a phone like the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9, that comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack. 

You might be able to use the USB Type-C port and headphones as an Antenna too, on something like the Google Pixel 2. Here's a full list of supported devices for NextRadio. 

Use this app to listen to live radio, emergency broadcasts, save your data plan, and use less battery on your smartphone. 

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