Functional Galaxy S8 Photos Tease Big Changes
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Functional Galaxy S8 Photos Tease Big Changes



The wait for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus is almost over, but that hasn’t stopped the leaks. In fact, as the late March announcement nears more information is appearing by the day. From new photos and video, to a fully functional Galaxy S8 spotted in the wild. These new leaks essentially confirm big changes are coming soon.

Over the past month we’ve received countless photos, concepts and renders of Samsung’s new phones. However, none of those featured a fully working handset.¬†That all changed this week though, with all-new photos.

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This weekend we received photos showing the true size of Samsung’s new phone, and how it compared to the Galaxy S7 from last year. And now, new photos have surfaced of a Galaxy S8 Plus in use playing games, and teasing the new design ahead of Samsung’s big unveil. This is the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, in the wild.

First up is a slew of Galaxy S8 photos from a user on Twitter, but the images have since been deleted. It showed Samsung’s phone from almost every angle aside from the back. Confirming there will be no fingerprint scanner on the front, and no physical buttons for the first time in seven years.

Live Galaxy S8 Photos

Instead, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will have all on-screen keys as you can see from the live photos below. These surfaced from a screen protector company testing new accessories, but shared more than we were expecting. Full-size versions of the photos are in the gallery below.

It’s worth noting these live images also confirm the curved “Infinity” display on the Galaxy S8, rounded corners on the screen, and all the sensors at the top of the device. Like a better 8 megapixel camera and Iris Eye scanner.

Both phones will have a curved display this year, but as a reminder, all edge features can be disabled for those who’d like to do so.

Galaxy S8 Plus & More

Furthermore, another entire gallery of Galaxy S8+ photos were found by SamMobile. These show a few additional angles of Samsung’s upcoming big smartphone. The device is turned on displaying a game, which appears to struggle with the new long and skinny 18:9 aspect ratio of the screen. This may change and improve once the phone is announced. Not to mention the LG G6 is using a similar screen size and ratio.

Galaxy S8+ leaks while being used in the wild

All of these photos essentially confirm a few important things. For one, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus have a stunning new design. The fingerprint scanner will indeed be on the back to the right of the camera, and there will be tiny bezels around the screen. For what it’s worth, we’re not seeing a Samsung logo on the front bezel either, which was a concern for many.

With devices starting to be seen in the wild and more information arriving by the day, some will likely start to wonder about the release date. Don’t worry though, they’ll be released soon enough.

Rumor has it Samsung will formally announce both phones at an event on March 29th. This has been stated multiple times. Those leaks continue by claiming a mid to late April release date. Some reports suggest April 19-21st, while another is firm on the 24th. We’ll know soon enough. Stay tuned for more details.



  1. Louis Jankovich

    02/21/2017 at 1:27 pm

    Hopefully, this device does not come with a self-destruct mechanism with no disable option.

  2. Ryan

    02/22/2017 at 5:20 pm

    Last two photos are infringe our patents, please delete and destroy. Thank you.

  3. Gary

    02/22/2017 at 6:43 pm

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am from a Chinese phone firm factory. The last two photos you used in this article has infringe our patent. The source of these photos in China has been noticed by police and already been delete . Please cooperate and delete these photos immediately. Thanks.

  4. I was actually at CES this year in Vegas and had the chance to check out a ton of awesome producs, I’m super excited about Samsung new 2017 tablets I’m always up on all the newest hottest tech stuff that is coming out! Thanks for the read and the comment! I look forward to your next article.

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