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Lutron Caseta Wireless And Sonos Review



Lutron Caseta Wireless light switches make controlling the lights in your home impressively simple and Sonos delivers rich, room-filling sound through wireless speakers. Together, you can automate your lights and music to set the mood or to wake you up.

We already love Lutron Caseta Wireless light switches that allow us to turn all the lights on a switch into smart lights without buying all new bulbs. We’ve set them up to control our home office, our kitchen and outside lights with more rooms planned.

For the past month, we’ve used the Sonos PLAY:1 in our kitchen paired up with Lutron Caseta Wireless to simplify our morning routine. We like the connectivity, scheduling and the small remote that can control Sonos without touching our phone.

Connect Lutron and Caseta Wireless to create lighting and music scenes for your house.

Connect Lutron and Caseta Wireless to create lighting and music scenes for your house.

Adding the Sonos PLAY:1 to the Lutron app is as simple as adding another light and once it is in the system you can add it to routines. With the PLAY:1 in our system, we set up a routine that turns on our kitchen lights and starts playing Dance & Electronic from Spotify in the morning.

You can connect the Sonos speakers to many music services including, Apple Music, Spotify, TuneIn Radio, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, TIDAL and many others. You’ll need to add an item to your Sonos Favorites to start playing

We don’t wake up to this, as my Wife is not as fond of this musical selection as I am, so I have it set to turn on at about the time she walks out the door. This also triggers my office lights that are connected to Lutron Caseta Wireless switches.

Triggering multiple rooms with a schedule is an awesome way to get things going in the morning. I could add another Sonos speaker to my office that also starts playing the same station at this time to complete the setup.

Replace a switch instead of your bulbs to upgrade to a smart home.

Replace a switch instead of your bulbs to upgrade to a smart home.

Ideally, I would turn on the office, kitchen and bathroom lights and play the same station on Sonos speakers through all of them with this schedule. The nice part about Lutron and Sonos is that I can work my way up to that as I add switches and speakers to my house.

The Lutron app allows you to schedule based on time or based on sunrise and sunset. I don’t use this for Sonos controls, but our exterior lights are on the sunrise and sunset schedule. In addition to Lutron schedules, you can control your lights with Amazon Echo and with Siri using Homekit.

You can create multiple schedules, so it is possible to automatically start some background music at dinner time and much more. You can schedule Sonos only activities in the Lutron app if you just need to schedule a specific playlist at a time when your lights are generally on already.

Control your Sonos with the Pico Audio Remote.

Control your Sonos with the Pico Audio Remote.

The Lutron Caseta and Sonos integration is simple and it works perfectly. I really like that there is a small Pico Remote for audio that you can use to control the Sonos player from across the room. The Sonos app includes controls, but there are times when grabbing a remote with physical buttons is easier.

If you are just starting out in your search for the best Smart Home devices this is a pair that works very well together. For users who already have Sonos or Lutron, it makes upgrading your Smart Home with the other a smart and simple choice.

Lutron Caseta Wireless switches are $59.99, and you need a starter kit with a hub when you buy your first set. These Lutron Caseta Wireless kits start at $99 with a hub, a switch, and a Pico remote. The Pico Audio Remote is $49.99. The Sonos PLAY:1 speaker we used for this review retails for $199.

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