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Mass Effect Andromeda Tips to Level Up Faster



Mass Effect Andromeda places a big emphasis on character creation. Most people expect to see a few different weapons and skins. After all, almost every major third-person shooter available on the Xbox One or PS4 offers some limited customization. Mass Effect Andromeda takes the limited systems that other games offer a step forward, though. The experience can be customized in a big way, and a large part of that customization depends on leveling. That’s why these Mass Effect Andromeda tips to level up faster are a good idea.

Mass Effect Andromeda allows gamers to create their own heroes. These heroes derive their power from the suits that they wear into combat, the weapons they carry on their backs and the abilities that they have at their disposal. Skills offer faster ways to move around the battlefield and elemental powers that’ll help players easily defeat the foes that they come up against. Mass Effect Andromeda’s environments and battles can be fast, chaotic and brutal. Your Pathfinder needs Skills and the perks that they unlock to be a viable force to oppose the Kett and their destructive attacks on the planets in the Helios Cluster.

The Pathfinder in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Use these Mass Effect Andromeda tips to level up faster.

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Here are some Mass Effect Andromeda tips to level up faster and get your Pathfinder the skills and upgrades necessary to make a new home for the Milky Way races in Andromeda.

Mass Effect Andromeda Tips to Level Up Faster: Bring the Right Gear

Your quest to level up faster in Mass Effect Andromeda should start with getting the right equipment. Take armor, for example. Mass Effect Andromeda allows you to customize the Pathfinder’s different pieces of equipment.

As you’re exploring the Arc or the Nexus, be looking for equipment that could boost the amount of XP that you get for doing certain activities. A perfect example of this is the Andromeda Initiative Armor chest piece. This armor gives you a 2% boosts in encounters XP.

Mass Effect Andromeda Tips to Level Up Faster: Fight Often

Mass Effect Andromeda rewards players with XP for every fight that they get into with the Kett. Take that as an opportunity to search wide for any enemies that you can take down. Deal with them quickly and efficiently to keep a constant flow of XP coming in. The more XP that you have coming in, the faster your character will level up.

The Tempest in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Mass Effect Andromeda Tips to Level Up Faster: Daily Missions

The multiplayer portion of Mass Effect Andromeda keeps you on your toes. Multiplayer doesn’t involve you exploring the worlds of Andromeda with your team. Instead, you become part of a squad assigned to handle firefights in hotspots around the Helios Cluster. It’s up to you to take on these missions yourself or dispatch a Strike Team to handle them for you. Whichever you decide, be sure to keep checking in on them. Mass Effect Andromeda offers daily missions. Keep doing these and you’ll be off to a good start leveling up faster.

Mass Effect Andromeda Tips to Level Up Faster: Tune the Difficulty

Another thing to stay up on is your mission difficulty. XP is awarded based on your team’s performance. As such, the better that you do, the more XP you’ll earn. If you find that you’re doing too well, try changing up the game difficulty to make things more challenging. You should be rewarded with more XP.

Mass Effect Andromeda Tips to Level Up Faster: Scan Often

Back in the game’s story, be sure to scan every room that you enter for interesting items. Doing so gets you in-game currency that you can then use to craft the best equipment available. The better your equipment, the easier it’ll be to do some serious damage to enemies. More enemy deaths mean more XP to help you level up faster.

The squad from Mass Effect Andromeda.

Mass Effect Andromeda Tips to Level Up Faster: Booster Pack

If you’re really obsessed with being the best in the multiplayer experience, try getting some of the booster packs available directly through the game’s store. You can spend real money on these or keep playing the multiplayer until you have enough in-game currency to afford them.

Mass Effect Andromeda Tips to Level Up Faster: Always Be Doing Mission

The plot line that flows through the entirety of Mass Effect Andromeda is clear. The Andromeda Initiative needs resources to survive. Getting through missions with this at the center earns you more XP. Focus on the central happenings of the Andromeda Initiative to keep a steady flow of XP coming.

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All told, Mass Effect Andromeda is stuffed so full of weapons, armor and things to do that leveling up faster won’t be the only thing that you have to contend with. Follow these tips and you’ll have unlocked new Skills for your Pathfinder and squad faster than you realize.

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