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MLB The Show 17 vs MLB The Show 16: What’s New



What’s new in MLB The Show 17? Here are the biggest changes in MLB The Show 17 vs MLB The Show 16, to help you decide if it is worth upgrading or buying this year.

Sony San Diego Studio delivers the best baseball simulation game, and it’s a PS4 exclusive. Each year we see the team push forward with more realism, but this year one of the new features is just about fun.

When you look for a baseball simulator for 2017, there are some other games you can try, but ultimately MLB The Show 17 is where most users come back to.

This is how MLB The Show 17 compares to MLB The Show 16, so you know what’s new and can decide if you should upgrade or wait for a great deal.

What's new in MLB the Show 17 and how it compares to MLB The Show 16.

What’s new in MLB the Show 17 and how it compares to MLB The Show 16.

The biggest we hear about sports games is, “Is MLB The Show 17 more than a roster update?” It’s a question we get every year, for every sports game made, and MLB The Show has a good record of delivering features, not just tiny upgrades.

After a rocky start thanks to MLB The Show 17 problems with the servers, the game is finally ready for you to play.

Here is how MLB The Show 17 and MLB The Show 16 compare in key areas, with a special highlight of what’s new in MLB The Show for 2017.

Diamond Dynasty Upgrades

Diamond Dynasty Upgrades

Diamond Dynasty is the go-to mode for many MLB The Show 17 players, and it's upgraded for 2017 with a huge set of changes.  

When you play Diamond Dynasty, you will find a more dynamic experience. This means that you can new expanded missions and you will see exclusive rewards when you win.  

The game will even respond to real life events, so the play feels more realistic. We've seen this in Madden 17, where the commentary included current NFL happenings, and this definitely adds to the depth of the game.  

You'll also find new deck building challenges and you will need to build your team differently to beat specific challenges.  

You can also play quick 3-inning games in MLB The Show 17. This is amazing, and it will help you play more, even when you don't have a lot of time. 

The MLB The Show 17 Diamond Dynasty changes keep coming with new road maps to the best rewards, player themed missions as well as; limited edition items, 30 new legends, new Topps Now cards and a new inventory exchange system. 

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