The Moshi Arcus is the best backpack I’ve ever owned. It has the perfect amount of pockets, an optional camera insert to carry a DSLR or the DJI Mavic Pro and a premium look and feel.

When I leave the house, the Arcus goes with me. It’s on the road to test drive cars for our auto coverage, on my back to work around town and generally within a few feet of me.

The Tom Bihn Brain Bag was my favorite, but the Moshi Arcus is the best bag I’ve found in 2017. The Moshi Arcus earns a Gotta Be Mobile Editor’s Choice Award for the quality and usability of this backpack.

The Moshi Arcus backpack is an essential part of my daily routine.
The Moshi Arcus backpack is an essential part of my daily routine.

I carry the 15-inch MacBook Pro, the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S8, DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Osmo, Go Pro Hero 5, at least two backup batteries, a Lster notebook, cords and other adapters with me in the Arcus, and when needed will drop a change of clothes or a jacket into the bag.

In addition to carrying everything I need, the bag looks amazing. The design is perfectly modern, and the materials are top notch. The main part of the bag is weather resistant and there are even small strips on the bottom to help prevent repeated use from wearing away. Leather zipper pulls and accents shine and are great for finding the zipper or a compartment.

The Arcus is beautiful, but also very functional.
The Arcus is beautiful, but also very functional.

It’s tough to find the right mix of pockets and organizational spots on a backpack, but Moshi nails it. The crush resistant pocket at the top is a handy place to put a Sony Point and Shoot or to stash my sunglasses or other important items. the front opening is perfect for a MacBook Charger and a cleaning cloth. Two openings on the back are handy for storing a backup battery and gum. The top one is the perfect place to put a wallet or backup cash since it’s going to be right next to you anytime you are wearing it.

The main compartment is wide open and can fit quite a bit. If you put the Arcus Camera Insert in there you lose a chunk of storage space, but it protects your gear very well. You can access the camera insert from the side of the bag, so you don’t have to pull it out or a bunch of stuff out to get to your camera or drone when you need it. A small mesh pocket at the top holds random items for easy access. A zipper pouch tucked into the side is a handy spot to put small adapters or even a Go Pro. Another side pocket can hold a water bottle or a small tripod.

Pockets abound and the Camera Insert is perfect for the DJI Mavic Pro.
Pockets abound and the Camera Insert is perfect for the DJI Mavic Pro.

A separate compartment opens wide to reveal a spot for your laptop and another pocket for an iPad. You can easily fit a 15-inch Laptop with room to spare. Three additional pockets offer handy storage for smaller gear. This part of the bag opens wide, but it does not open flat so this is not TSA compliant, but given the current direction there you’ll probably need to take laptops out soon anyway. The only improvement we could ask for is a little more padding on the bottom of the laptop section to give us peace of mind when setting the bag down on hard surfaces.

The Arcus Insert is $29.95 and designed to carry a DSLR, lens and accessories, but it also fits the DJI Mavic Pro, a spare battery, controller and propellers perfectly. I can keep this in the Arcus when I need the drone with me and quickly pull it out when I need more room for a change of clothes. The insert is a handy way to grab the drone and go on a  quick shoot.

The laptop compartment fits the 15-inch MacBook Pro perfectly.
The laptop compartment fits the 15-inch MacBook Pro perfectly.

Moshi places a large padded section on the back of the Arcus which helps with carrying a heavy load. The straps have a breathable mesh as well. There is a small strap that you can connect the shoulder straps together with, but it doesn’t get in the way if you choose not to use it. The material for the straps looks top notch and feels awesome, which is important since you’ll be touching it a lot. Even with a full load, the Moshi Arcus is comfortable to carry by the handle or on your back.

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The attention to detail starts on the outside, and carries through to using the bag and importantly carrying it with you. The Arcus is available in Titanium Gray and Charcoal Black.

The Moshi Arcus is $229.95 and the Arcus Camera Insert is $29.95. This is an expensive bag, but it’s one that is well worth it. Moshi makes a matching weekend travel bag that also includes a padded laptop compartment. The Vacanza Weekender is $199.95 and we’ll have a review of that up soon.

The Moshi Arcus backpack is an essential part of my daily routine.
Moshi Arcus Review
A stylish and functional backpack that holds your gear and looks great while doing it.
Stylish design with great small touches.
Just right amount of storage and pockets.
Easily holds a lot of gear safely.
Camera Insert simplifies travel with drones or DLSRs.
Could use more padding at the bottom of the laptop compartment.


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