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Moto X 2015 Release: 5 Things to Know



As the summer months continue more details and leaks are emerging about the rumored Moto X for 2015, but a release has yet to be confirmed. As the expected August release date grows closer, here we want to take a look at everything that has leaked thus far, and share five things buyers need to know.

The original Moto X was announced in August of 2013, and the 2nd Gen model that replaced it arrived just over a year later in September of 2014. Motorola looks to release a 3rd generation Moto X (or two) this year around the same time, and we’ve learned a lot about the phone over the past two months.

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The first actual set of details came from an unconfirmed report in May that revealed some impressive specs and details about the device, then back in June more information came to light potentially revealing everything about the new phone well ahead of any announcement. Read on for even more details.

Over the course of the last two months we’ve received tons of information about what could be coming later this summer from Motorola. Talks of an impressive phone with a huge battery, to even a two-device approach where Motorola will release two Moto X smartphones. One with a screen similar in size to last years model, and a bigger option to take on the Galaxy Note 5, iPhone 6 Plus, and more.

We can assume that Motorola will be offering a device (or two) very similar to what we’ve seen over the past two years, but change multiple aspects in an effort to make it their best device to date, and something that can battle the competition.

Both the 1st and 2nd Gen Moto X smartphones had a lot to offer, but fell short when compared to the competition in terms of power, performance, and the camera. At the same time, they were cheaper than anything else in their range, and made for a great overall experience for the price. This year we can expect Motorola to continue the lower priced strategy, but offer a slightly better device that will be worth getting over an iPhone 6s, Note 5, Galaxy S6, or many of the other phones available today.

Below are five things that we’ve either learned about the new Moto X for 2015, or what rumors and leaks are suggesting as we head closer to a release date.

Moto X 3rd Gen Release Date

Moto X 3rd Gen Release Date


The last two years Motorola has announced a new Moto X near the end of the summer, and released it 30-45 days later. Most likely the same will hold true in 2015, and back in March that was essentially confirmed by a Motorola employee on Twitter.

Rick Osterloh, President at Motorola potentially revealed the new Moto X release date on Twitter. While answering a question about the release, he promised the company looks to keep the same annual release cycle for all products, including the Moto X for 2015.

That means that if the company sticks to the same cycle as the past two years, the new Moto X 2015 will be announced and released in August, or early September.




  1. Kaushik Banerjee (@doctorjee)

    07/07/2015 at 3:05 am

    I am changing my Xperia Z Ultra (July 2013) this September. Seems like Moto XL gets my money!

    • Rahul

      07/08/2015 at 8:20 pm

      Defiantly because it will feature a snapdragon 820 SOC with 3 Gb lpddr4 ram and a huge battery with gorilla glass 4 protection. revealed that they can also use a QHD screen with improvements in corner finish.

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