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Moto X 2015 vs Galaxy Note 4: 5 Key Differences



Now that most major smartphone manufacturers have released all their phones this year, with the exception being a few from Motorola and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5, buyers have lots of options. Here we’ll be comparing the new 2015 Moto X Pure Edition “Style” to the Galaxy Note 4 for those considering an update, or one vs the other.

On July 28th Motorola took the stage and unveiled three brand new devices and put all prior rumors to rest. An upgraded Moto G for 2015, and two variants of the Moto X which are called the Moto X Style and the Moto X Play. In the US the Moto X Style will be sold as the Moto X Pure Edition, and the Play won’t even be available in the States.

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This year Motorola has an excellent new flagship smartphone in the 2015 Moto X, and after shocking millions by releasing a phone with a huge 5.7-inch screen, it now instantly is being compared to other phablets, like the Note 4. Below is a comparison and highlights of a few key differences for those considering one of these two smartphones.


Motorola’s all new 2015 Moto X Pure Edition “Style” has a lot to offer, but with a big screen it also needs to compete with the Galaxy Note 4, the incoming Galaxy Note 5, and even Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. That’s a lot to battle, especially if they’re trying to offer a great device for a low price.

In September of 2014 the Galaxy Note 4 was announced live in Berlin at the annual IFA event, and it eventually went on sale in the United States in October. The Note 4 is still a great smartphone with plenty to offer, and might be better than the Note 5 if rumors of a smaller battery and no micro-SD slot are accurate.

As a result, many owners are trying to decide if they should upgrade to the Note 4 instead of the Note 5, get something different. And even Note 4 owners are weighing all of their options, and trying to decide of Motorola’s new phablet is a worthy alternative.

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These two smartphones have a few similarities, yet some important differences that buyers will need to be aware of. Motorola’s new smartphone packs of lot of power under its big screen and offers a lot of customization for a low price, and users will want to know all about it.

That all said, here are five key differences between the 2015 Moto X Pure Edition (Style) and the Galaxy Note 4 for those considering an upgrade or one of these as their next smartphone.



The new Moto X and Galaxy Note 4 are similar in a few ways, and two are the design and screen size. They are both plastic devices with a thin aluminum bezel for added durability and to give it a premium feel, but they aren't as premium as an iPhone or Galaxy S6. 

Samsung's Note 4 is a large 5.7-inch phone with one of the most premium design of any Samsung phone for its time, but it still has a lot of plastic to it. The back is removable, and it has a replaceable battery and a micro-SD slot. Two things the new Note 5 won't have. It has a physical home button with a fingerprint scanner, and capacitive touch buttons. Moto's device has all on-screen keys, for those curious. That means while they have the same screen size, the Galaxy Note 4 has more screen to actually use.

The 2015 Moto X though, is a completely different approach. The back can't be removed but it can be completely customized with over 100 different combinations to look how you'd like, it has a bigger display, and the stereo speakers are front facing, for improved sound. It does however, have a micro-SD slot as well.

We can't give one a nod vs the other as I've yet to try the new Moto X, but the Note 4 was one of the best smartphones of 2014, and could still be among the top 5 here in 2015 if the new Note 5 doesn't impress.

You'll want to try both in a store to decide which is right for you. A big factor though will be the price, specs, and customization. Which we'll go over in a moment.



  1. Todd Brown

    08/06/2015 at 4:35 am

    Am I the only person who sees the IR Remote Function as a pretty huge plus? I’m considering moving from a Note 3 to the new Moto X, which I don’t think has IR. It’s not a deal breaker, but I think it’s one of the more underrated features of the galaxy series and the LG G series.

  2. Jose Mojica

    08/06/2015 at 7:53 am

    I also have the Note 3 and i’m also thinking of buying the Moto X. But I don’t really use the IR Remote. It’s a difficult decision, Note 5, Nexus 6 or 5 2515, Moto X, etc…

  3. geominions

    08/06/2015 at 10:39 am

    I have the G3 and had the HTC One M7 before that and, while the IR function was nice and handy, it was never a must-have feature for me. I like the idea of a touchscreen remote, but found it to be rather awkward and frustrating at times. Without the tactile queues, you have to start at your device to know what you’re pressing, and unless there is an audible tone that indicates you’ve pressed the button, you have no idea if it registered your press. Couple that with the fact that the IR sensor is much smaller on these phones than on an actual remote, so the device has to be pointed almost directly at the IR sensor on the TV to consistently work. Having to hold my phone almost parallel with the floor and looking down at it became too much of a bother to be practical or efficient so I always find myself reaching out for the regular remote. Unless it’s missing or the batteries are dead, I don’t use my phone’s IR capabilities for anything other than showing off to my iPhone-having family and friends.

    • geominions

      08/06/2015 at 10:41 am

      Ugh, darn you, SwiftKey…..that should say tactile CUES and stare, not start at your device.

  4. keithrosenfeld

    08/06/2015 at 10:43 am

    Any idea whether the Moto will be USB 3.1 Type C compliant? That’s a deal breaker for me.

    • Jacob

      08/07/2015 at 7:50 pm

      It will not have 3.1 type c as it has turbo charging which type c does not support.

  5. Amey

    11/04/2015 at 7:15 pm

    Note 4 is better than the moto X

  6. James R.

    11/19/2015 at 10:51 am

    I actually have both (I know, I’m a tech nerd). I think the Moto X is easier to hold. It feels better in the hand. The active notifications all also nice. The Note 4 is a better productivity phone (due to the stylus). I love them both.

  7. Merritt B Teddlie

    12/26/2015 at 4:22 am

    Sent my Nexus P6 back mainly since it does not support Miracast. I can’t use chromecast at my farmhouse since I have only wireless streaming and no other internet. Miracast has it’s own embedded wireless signal. Also, the nexus doesn’t have a gallery or a battery percent on the home screen. Unforgivable. Back to my Note 4. The Nexus is a great phone except for the above. Merritt

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