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5 Exciting New FIFA 20 Features



This is what’s new in FIFA 20 including the most exciting features that we think will change how we play. We learned a lot about how EA is changing up FIFA at EA Play in June, but there are still a lot of new FIFA 20 changes that we will learn about through the rest of the summer.

The highlight is the new Volta Street Football mode which combines a lot of player customization and offers up a cool mix of new playstyles that allow you to use the walls like when playing indoor soccer.

These are new FIFA 20 features compared to FIFA 19. While there is a FIFA 20 for the Nintendo Switch, these features are only coming to the PC, Xbox One and PS4.  There are three FIFA 20 editions that you can buy, all of which include the same features, but if you love FUT, you may want to go with the Champions edition.

The FIFA 20 release date is September 27th for the base edition and September 24th for the special edition. You can play earlier with EA Access and Origin Access as well.

You can buy FIFA 20 at GameStopBest BuyAmazon and digitally through MicrosoftSony and Origin.

Here’s a look at the most exciting new FIFA 20 features and changes from FIFA 19.

  1. VOLTA
  2. Game Flow Upgrades
  3. Decisive Moments
  4. Ball Physics
  5. New Penalty Kicks and Free Kicks

Keep reading for a breakdown of each of the new FIFA 20 features that we know about.

VOLTA Street Soccer

Volta Street Soccer is the a major new mode in FIFA 20. This allows you to create a player and then take him or her to the streets for up close and personal soccer action. 

Your personalized player includes clothing, hairstyle and tattoos. You can also use emotes in game. 

Once you pick the gear your player needs, you can play in Volta arenas in London, Tokyo, Amsterdam and other locations. These are not traditional stadiums, but street level and rooftop arenas with smaller pitches and many are in enclosed areas. 

There are multiple Volta modes. You can play 3v3 Rush with no goalkeeper or you can play 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5V5 or efen Professional Futsal. 

You will build up your squad in the Volta world as you play a Volta Story mode and an online league. You can also take your pro team to the streets with Volta Kick-Off. This is more than just a bolted on new mode, it's the star of this new FIFA 20 release. 

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