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U.S. Note Edge Release Date: What Not to Expect Now



With a U.S. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge release date now rumored for one carrier, we want to take an updated look at what prospective buyers can expect from the U.S. Galaxy Note Edge release date on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

In early September, Samsung announced a slew of new products including the curved Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. At the time, the company revealed the Galaxy Note Edge specs and confirmed a release for later this year though it did not offer any specifics regarding the exact Galaxy Note Edge release date or the Galaxy Note Edge price.

After weeks of waiting, we’ve started to see Samsung Galaxy Note Edge release date and Galaxy Note Edge price information emerge for select markets around the world. Earlier this month, Japan became the first country to release the Galaxy Note Edge and earlier this week, Korea became the second country to release the Galaxy Note Edge to the public. The U.S. is widely expected to be featured amongst the initial Galaxy Note Edge release dates though U.S. carriers still haven’t announced their plans.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Photos 7

In September, U.S. carriers AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon all confirmed the Galaxy Note Edge for arrival. And yet, none of them have confirmed any specific details for buyers. The U.S. Galaxy Note Edge release date remains unconfirmed, as does the Galaxy Note Edge release price. They won’t remain mysteries for long though. With just a few weeks to go before the end of the year, we should see Samsung and its U.S. carrier partners offer some concrete information soon.

With a number of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge release details still missing, we want to help set expectations for consumers in the United States ahead of its arrival. Here, we take a look at what we do not expect from the remaining Galaxy Note Edge release details including information about its price, colors, storage capacity, and more.

A Delay

Given that its been nearly two months since we heard anything about the U.S. Galaxy Note Edge, there are some people who are expecting some kind of a delay into 2015. From what we’ve seen, that probably won’t be the case.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Photos 4

Samsung originally said that it would get the device out in the United States by the end of the year, T-Mobile’s said this fall, and that’s exactly what should happen. Don’t expect anything different.

We’ve seen three of the four devices pass through the FCC, we’ve seen product pages go up at Samsung, and we haven’t heard any chatter about a delayed release. Typically, when a device is going to get pushed or encounter release delays, we heard some murmuring ahead of time. We haven’t heard anything about the U.S. Galaxy Note Edge release.

Announcement in Three Weeks or More

We do not expect a Galaxy Note Edge announcement to take place anytime after the second week of November. Samsung USA and its carrier partners should deliver the announcement at some point in the first two weeks of November. There’s a few reasons for this.

First, we’ve heard that the U.S., Korea, Japan, and China will be the four initial Galaxy Note Edge launch markets. Japan and Korea have already released the device so we get the feeling that the U.S. is probably next. Second, it’s clear that Samsung is getting ready. All four product pages are now live, a sign that something, anything, is close.

Galaxy Note Edge Photos - 2

Third, an announcement in the first two weeks leaves ample room for a pre-order and space between the release a Black Friday. Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season in the United States and there’s simply no way that Samsung isn’t going to take advantage. It will want to get as many eyes and hands on the Galaxy Note Edge, and Galaxy Note 4, as possible. Four, the U.S. Galaxy Note 4 release finally ended today with the arrival of the white Verizon Galaxy Note 4. Samsung can now focus on the Galaxy Note Edge release.

Finally, the Galaxy Note Edge release date is rumored for mid-November. More on that in a second. Point is, the device looks like it’s ready to go and we simply can’t see this stretching into late November or early December.

Different Announcement Dates

Do not expect U.S. carriers to use separate announcement dates. We should see all of the Galaxy Note Edge U.S. release date information pile on on the same day. Samsung typically makes an announcement for these carriers which is then followed by follow up from the carriers themselves. We expect to hear everything, release date, price, and more, on the same day rather than different dates.

Galaxy Note Edge Photos - 8

You might shrug this off but it’s important, especially to those of you who aren’t committed to a specific carrier. It would mean that you’ll have all of the pertinent information in front of you all at once, crucial for any smartphone decision.

Galaxy Note Edge Release Dates Outside November

The T-Mobile Galaxy Note Edge release date is rumored for November 14th. That information comes from a leaked document from the reliable WPCentral. It’s the first rumored U.S. Galaxy Note Edge release date that we’ve seen and it falls in line with everything we’ve been saying about the Galaxy Note Edge release in the U.S.

It makes no sense for Samsung to get the Galaxy Note Edge out in the United States in late November or early December. By then, it will be too late for any kind of success with this phone. Getting it out ahead of Black Friday and the shopping rush is essential if it, and its partners, want the Galaxy Note Edge to make any kind of headway.

Release dates can change but with the holidays coming up, we doubt carriers are looking to release it much later than mid-November. November 14th is as good of a date as any for the U.S. Galaxy Note Edge release date and we would not expect the other carriers to be too far behind T-Mobile’s release date. Look for the others to cluster around it.

Lengthy Pre-Orders

We don’t expect that release date to be too far off the mark which means that we don’t expect there to be lengthy Galaxy Note Edge pre-orders. We would not be surprised if the final details emerged next week and if those final details included an early ordering period for those looking to buy the Galaxy Note Edge ahead of the holidays. We almost always see Android phones get pre-orders.

Galaxy Note Edge Photos - 5

That said, we don’t expect to see a lengthy pre-order like the one we saw with the Galaxy Note 4. If carriers do offer them, they probably will last a week or so as opposed to a month.

Cheap Galaxy Note Edge

Korean carriers will charge 1,067,000 South Korean Won which amounts to over $1000 in U.S. currency. The Korean price is not indicative of the Galaxy Note Edge’s price point in the United States though the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is expected to be more expensive than the Galaxy Note 4 that arrived in the United States earlier this month.

In Russia, the Galaxy Note Edge is going to be extremely expensive. There, the Galaxy Note Edge will cost 49,990 rubles which is the equivalent of $1221 in the United States. Russia is expected to get the Galaxy Note Edge in November or December before the end of the year and that price, for the moment, remains unconfirmed. 

Galaxy Note Edge Photos - 10

The takeaway is that we don’t expect the Galaxy Note Edge to be cheap in the U.S. We still aren’t sure about the exact price but we wouldn’t be surprised if at least one carrier charged close to $1000 for the device off-contract.

Smaller Carriers

While it would be great to see the Galaxy Note Edge branch out to other U.S. carriers, that’s simply not going to happen. We haven’t seen any evidence and the Galaxy Note Edge’s releases in Japan and Korea were both limited to a few carriers. This is a limited concept phone and it’s not one that’s going to spread. Those that want a smaller carrier will have to look elsewhere.

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