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OnePlus 5 vs OnePlus 3: Should You Upgrade?



OnePlus 5 vs OnePlus 3: Camera

OnePlus 5 vs OnePlus 3: Camera

While OnePlus always has excellent smartphones that make our "Best Cheap Android Smartphones" lists, one area that always lacks is the camera. That alone is why some choose a Galaxy or the LG G5 over the latest from OnePlus. We have good news though, that is no longer the case with the new OnePlus 5. 

This year the company took the camera seriously. They added a dual camera setup in the back that can compete with Samsung and Apple. One is a high resolution 16 megapixel lens with an f/1.7 aperture. This means it takes amazing photos in low light and has an extremely fast auto-focus. The new camera uses all of the pixels to focus, and it's 40% faster than the OnePlus 3, which is a big deal. 

Then, there's a secondary 20 megapixel f/2.6 aperture lens that does fancy zoom, portrait photos, and blur effects like the iPhone 7 Plus. Which is also something we've expecting to see from the Galaxy Note 8 in August. OnePlus worked with independent camera companies to improve the camera in its 5, and we'll have one in for a review soon to fully test its capabilities. 

Just know both of the rear cameras are better than the OnePlus 3, not to mention the front camera is 16 megapixels now too. 

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1 Comment

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