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OS X Yosemite Release Date Prep Continues



Apple’s work on the OS X Yosemite release continues with the arrival of the OS X Yosemite GM 3.0 with more fixes for developers ahead of an October Apple event where we anticipate a full reveal and announcement of the release.

After announcing OS X Yosemite at WWDC 2014 in June to allow developers to use the new operating system and prepare app updates for the new features and design changes.

In less than a week Apple plans to take the stage to make new product announcements, that could include the OS X Yosemite release date taking place later that same day.

Apple continues to test new versions ahead of the OS X Yosemite release date.

Apple continues to test new versions ahead of the OS X Yosemite release date.

On Thursday October 9th, Apple delivered the OS X Yosemite GM 3.0 to developers, marking the third quick release to fix bugs and potentially add new features in the last two weeks. The OS X Yosemite GM is typically the final version of software before a public release, but it is not uncommon for Apple to go through multiple fast OS X GM releases in the run up to the public availability.

The OS X Yosemite release is a new version of the Mac notebook and desktop software that replaces OS X Mavericks. This is a free upgrade that runs on almost any Mac that can run Mavericks. Users will be able to download OS X Yosemite from the Mac App Store.

Based on Apple’s history, the OS X Yosemite release date may be October 16th, with downloads starting as soon as the October Apple Event ends.

The pressure is on for Apple to deliver a reliable OS X Yosemite release after a shaky start to iOS 8. The iPhone and iPad software arrived with problems and the first bug fix knocked 40,000 iPhones off cellular service. The iOS 8 problems continue with iOS 8.0.2.


At the event we also expect to see Apple announce iOS 8.1 which will help users connect with their Mac better. Some of the most exciting iOS 8 features include better connectivity to the Mac. You can use a Mac on OS X Yosemite to answer phone calls and respond to texts sent to your iPhone.

With handoff you can now quickly grab the app or document you started working on with your iPhone when you log into your Mac. You can also AirDrop to your Mac from an iPhone or iPad, finally.

Check out the other OS X Yosemite features in the slideshow below, detailing what you can expect from Apple.

OS X Yosemite Release & Feature Roundup

New OS X Yosemite Design

New OS X Yosemite Design

The biggest change in OS X Yosemite is the new look and design. Similar to the visual upgrade the iPhone and iPad received last year this free OS X update brings a new, but familiar look to your Mac. 

Apple's new look for OS X Yosemite starts with redesigned buttons, windows and elements. You won't be lost when you open Yosemite, but you will notice a cleaner overall design. There are now translucent areas in some apps that show a blurred view of what's behind and the toolbars are now less cluttered and more useful.

Apple also changes the OS X Yosemite dock and system fonts to make OS X Yosemite look better on a Retina display. Notification Center and Spotlight are also new, which we cover in more detail below.  

The OS X Yosemite video above walks through the various changes to OS X Yosemite design. 


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