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Pixel 4 vs Galaxy S10: Which One to Buy?



Pixel 4 vs Galaxy S10: Cameras

Finally!!! Google finally added a second camera to its phones, but that's it, only two, and the second one probably isn't what you expected or wanted. 

Both companies are offering more cameras than usual, different cameras, and using neat software tricks. Honestly, the Galaxy S10 has more camera "options" but Google's camera software and post-processing are probably the best, by far. Both Galaxy S10 models have the same camera setup.

  • Galaxy S10: Triple Rear Cameras: 12, 12, 16MP (Regular variable aperture, telephoto, and super wide-angle) Dual OIS, 960 FPS slo-mo, 4K, 10-scene optimizer, Night Sight, etc
  • Pixel 4: Dual 12.2 UltraPixel Rear Camera and 16MP f/2.4 Telephoto zoom lens. One main lens, one Telephoto with a 1.4um and f/1.8 aperture sensor. 

For years Google managed to stay ahead of both Samsung and Apple with just a single rear camera, and even Samsung's triple-camera Galaxy S10+ only beat it by a hair. That said, Samsung phones might not have the absolute best cameras, but they're "consistent" which I really appreciate. So while Google doesn't need 2-3 cameras on the back to compete with Samsung, Apple, or OnePlus, we're glad to see a second camera added, and that Spectral sensor. 

Either way, if photography is super important to you the Pixel 4 XL is probably one of your best bets. That said, the S10+ is no slouch, and it'll soon get some of the even better Note 10 camera features in the next update. 

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