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3 Reasons Not to Buy the Apple Watch 4 & 5 Reasons You Should



Buy If You're Still Wearing the Original Apple Watch

Buy If You're Still Wearing the Original Apple Watch

Did you invest in the Apple Watch when it first arrived? Are you still rocking the original or Series 0 Apple Watch?

If so, you should upgrade to the Apple Watch 4. Your model didn't get the watchOS 5 update and won't likely see other upgrades going forward. 

That means it's missing out on new features and on security updates as well as bug fixes. It's at the end of it's life. 

With the Apple Watch 4, you get better Siri support, upgraded performance that makes apps usable and you get a whole load of features that came with the Series 2, Series 3 and that are exclusive to the Apple Watch 4.

Users who are still holding onto the original model will benefit the most from buying the Apple Watch 4 and keeping it for a few years like they did with the original Apple Watch. Here's more on which Apple Watch to buy in 2018 if you are undecided.  

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