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3 Reasons Not to Buy the Apple Watch 4 & 5 Reasons You Should



Buy If You're Sold on New Apple Watch 4 Features

Buy If You're Sold on New Apple Watch 4 Features

The new Apple Watch 4 is sporting a host of upgrades in addition to a new design. Apple revealed a collection of upgrades that may be more than enough to sell you on upgrading to the Apple Watch 4 without needing to go hands on. 

Here's a rundown of what's new on the Apple Watch Series 4, alongside the bigger screen and upgraded internals. These all add up to a major upgrade. 

  • New Watch Faces - Takes advantage of larger screen for more info or epic designs.
  • New Complications - More complications and new ways to add more to the screen. 
  • Screens are more than 30% Larger - Apps and watch faces are able to make use of the new space. 
  • Haptic Feedback on Digital Crown - When using it to scroll through, you will feel as it clicks through options. 
  • Better Speaker and Mic - Louder, better speaker for Siri and phone calls. 
  • Fall Detection - the Apple Watch 4 uses a new accelerometer and gyroscope to detect a fall and if you are immobile for a minute after this, it will automatically call emergency services. 
  • New Heart Features - Low heart rate alert, Afib alerts and the ability to take an ECG on your wrist. 

If you want all of these new Apple Watch 4 features for yourself, or for a loved one, you should buy the new model.  

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