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4 Reasons Not to Install macOS Mojave Beta & 6 Reasons To



macOS Mojave is now out for all users. Here’s an updated look at the reasons to install macOS 10.14 and the reasons to wait.

Reasons Not to Install macOS Mojave & Reasons You Should

The macOS Mojave beta is available for developers and the public. You might be tempted to try out the new macOS Mojave features on your Mac, but there are some very good reasons to wait before you install this beta. Yes, there are more reasons to install the macOS Mojave beta, but you definitely need to proceed with caution even this late in the beta cycle.

This guide will walk you through the biggest reasons to install the macOS Mojave update early, and the very important reasons to skip the macOS 10.14 beta and wait for the public release date before you install this new software on your Mac.

Users can install the macOS Mojave update now as a developer or a member of the public. If you are thinking of installing macOS Mojave through either of these programs, this is what you need to consider before installing.

macOS Mojave Beta: Should You Install?

The macOS Mojave beta is not final software. There will be some problems that you run into. You can fix some macOS Mojave beta problems, but others may remain until the final release. Now that we are late into the game that is another reason not to install the beta.

We’ve been testing the beta for months and are on the macOS Mojave beta 9 for developers and on the seventh public macOS Mojave beta it may be the right time for many of you to install the beta and test it out. Many issues are fixed, and software is working better. You may even be able to download a beta of your favorite app to try out on the macOS Mojave beta as well.

Here’s what you need to consider before you install the macOS Mojave beta on your Mac.

Install macOS Mojave Beta to Improve macOS

Install macOS Mojave Beta to Improve macOS

Do you want to make macOS Mojave better for the public release later this year by finding problems and bugs and telling Apple about them? If you do, this is a great opportunity to make sure that the things you use and the programs you require work on macOS 10.14. 

This is on e of the best reasons to install the macOS Mojave beta on your Mac. This will also help you test to see if the new update works better with multiple displays and in other settings. 

You can file bug reports with Apple as part of the developer beta and the public beta. This will help Apple learn about problems and test fixes during the beta process. This is the exact reason that Apple offers a public macOS Mojave beta. 

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1 Comment

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