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5 Reasons Not to Install macOS Mojave & 8 Reasons You Should



The macOS Mojave update could completely change how you use your Mac. Many users will want to install the free update today, but some Mac owners are better off waiting a few days or weeks to upgrade to macOS Mojave.

After months of testing the macOS Mojave update is out of the beta and available free of charge to Mac owners. This is coming to the many models as old as 2012, but it’s not coming to all Macs that could run macOS High Sierra.

There are performance improvements, new apps, security upgrades and loads of new features as part of this upgrade.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Install macOS Mojave;

  1. Don’t Install if You Aren’t Prepared
  2. Don’t Install if You Use These Apps
  3. Don’t Install if You Are Worried About macOS Mojave Problems
  4. Don’t Install if You Use a Really old Mac
  5. Don’t Install if You’re Traveling

Here’s Why You Should Update to macOS Mojave;

  1. Install for Dark Mode
  2. Install for New Mac Apps
  3. Install for Desktop Upgrades
  4. Install for Security Fixes
  5. Install for Continuity Camera & New ScreenShots
  6. Install for Privacy Upgrades
  7. Install for Emoji in Mail and Siri Upgrades
  8. Install if You Have macOS High Sierra Problems

Count on a huge macOS Mojave download size that will take some time to install, especially on the first day or two when many users want to upgrade. If you skipped macOS High Sierra, expect a bigger download.

While the macOS Mojave beta helped Apple fix many issues, errors and bugs there will still be a number of macOS Mojave problems during the first month. This will likely lead to the quick release of a small bug fix update from Apple.

You can downgrade to macOS High Sierra from macOS Mojave if you don’t like it. There is no time limit like you’ll find on iOS 12, but it is a process and takes some time so do your research before you upgrade.

There are many good reasons to install macOS Mojave on your Mac today. Before you start, you need to consider these reasons you shouldn’t upgrade yet.

Install macOS Mojave for Dark Mode & Dynamic Desktop

Install macOS Mojave for Dark Mode & Dynamic Desktop

One of the biggest macOS Mojave features that you will see when you install the update is Dark Mode and the next is the dynamic desktop. 

With the macOS Mojave Dark Mode you get a better focus on the app you are working in, while the rest of the system fades into the background. This si built-in to Apple apps, and they allow third-party support so you can expect to see widespread use. If you prefer the normal brighter view, you can keep that. 

No matter which mode you use, the desktop will change during the day, based on the time. You'll see the sun or the moon move across a sand dune. This is an optional feature, and it's kind of like a Live Photo. This will only work with Apple official desktop backgrounds.  

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