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6 Reasons to Buy the iPhone 7 Instead of the iPhone 6s



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Better Camera Experience

Better Camera Experience

Like all newer models, the iPhone 7 packs in a better overall camera experience than the iPhone 6s. Let's start with the FaceTime camera in the front.

The iPhone 6s comes with a decent 5MP shooter, but the iPhone 7's 7MP camera delivers sharper selfies and makes FaceTime video calls look much better than on the iPhone 6s.

If you love taking selfies or you take a lot of FaceTime video calls for work or with family, consider buying the iPhone 7.

As for the rear camera, you'll get the best experience with the iPhone 7 Plus thanks to the two cameras on the back. The iPhone 7 Plus includes a dual camera setup with optical zoom and a portrait mode that blurs the background and produces stunning imagery.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus also shoot better photos in low light environments, something that could come in handy when you're trying to snap a shot of a sunset or an activity in the near-dark. 

For more on the iPhone 7's cameras, read our review from 2016.

6 / 6
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