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6 Reasons to Buy the iPhone 7 Instead of the iPhone 6s



Better Software & Software Support

Better Software & Software Support

Apple and its retail partners don't advertise this, but the iPhone 7 has a distinct advantage over the iPhone 6s when it comes to software and software support. 

First and foremost, iPhones typically get two years of software support before they're kicked to the curb. That means four years of major software updates and the enhancements, bug fixes and security patches that come in between. 

The iPhone 6s has already received two major updates (iOS 10, iOS 11) while the iPhone 7 has only received one major operating system upgrade (iOS 11). This makes the iPhone 7 a more ideal option for those of you looking to hold onto your next phone for longer than two years. 

Thanks to its age, we expect the iPhone 6s to degrade faster than the iPhone 7. What we mean is that it'll probably run into major performance issues sooner than the iPhone 7. 

With the release of iOS 11 we've seen older devices like the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 take a performance hit. iOS 11 runs much better on newer phones like the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 7. 

Apple's reportedly working on performance improvements in iOS 12, but hardware is hardware. It'll start with some minor hiccups, but after awhile you might start noticing more user interface lag and less battery life. This is natural as a device gets older.

If you want peace of mind heading into 2019 and beyond, we highly recommend going with the newer iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. 

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