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7 Reasons to Buy the 2019 MacBook Air & 4 Reasons Not To



Wait for the 2020 MacBook Air With a New Keyboard

Wait for the 2020 MacBook Air With a New Keyboard

After years of keyboard problems, it looks like Apple is finally ready to deliver a new keyboard that could fix all these issues. 

Ming-Chi Kou, a noted analyst with a good track record for Apple rumors, reports that Apple is switching from the butterfly switches in the current MacBook models to a scissor switch -- starting with the 2019 MacBook Air. This didn’t come to the 2019 MacBook Air as a expected, but  it could be pushed to the 2020 model.

This style of a keyboard would offer more travel, which is the distance the key moves when you push on it. It would also deliver better durability and hopefully end the need for Apple to add a new MacBook to the keyboard replacement program the day they announce it. 

Apple used this style of a keyboard switch in MacBook models up until 2015, and it is one reason that some users don't want to upgrade to the current MacBook lineup. 

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