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5 Reasons to Buy the 9.7-inch iPad & 4 Reasons Not To



Buy the 9.7-inch iPad If You Want a Cheap iPad

Buy the 9.7-inch iPad If You Want a Cheap iPad

The 9.7-inch iPad is the cheapest new iPad that Apple sells. If you don't want a budget Android tablet or a Amazon Fire tablet, this is perhaps the best option for the average iPad user. 

You get everything that you expect from an iPad including a Retina Display, 10 hour battery life, apps, good cameras, Touch ID and a light overall design. You can even opt for a LTE version if you need connectivity on the go when you are away from WiFi.  

All of this starts at $329, which is a good deal considering the iPad Pro starts at $649 and the iPad Mini is $399. You get a good iPad for just over $300 and that is one compelling reason to buy.

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