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5 Reasons to Buy the 9.7-inch iPad & 4 Reasons Not To



Don't Buy if You Want Apple Pencil Support

Don't Buy if You Want Apple Pencil Support

The 9.7-inch iPad does not support the Apple Pencil. That is only available with the iPad Pro line. You can buy a used or older 9.7-inch iPad Pro if you want the iPad Pencil, or you will need to look into the current iPad Pro models if this is an important feature for you. 

It's possible to use a third party stylus with the 9.7-inch iPad, but it isn't the same as using the Apple Pencil that pairs to the iPad Pro and allows you to get pressure sensitivity and precise drawing. 

A software update will not deliver Apple Pencil support for the 9.7-inch iPad, so if you want that feature skip this model and buy a iPad Pro. 

There is a good chance that a new 2018 iPad for the education market will support the Apple Pencil, but that is not confirmed yet. 

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