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2 Reasons to Buy the Surface Pro 4 & 3 Reasons Not To



Surface Pro 4 Accessories Are Still Expensive

Surface Pro 4 Accessories Are Still Expensive

Some early Surface devices included a keyboard at a slight discount. Microsoft would go on to kill off these bundles, saying that people preferred to purchase the device and keyboard separately. This allowed them to get the color Type Cover that best matched their personality.

That reasoning makes sense; however, the move also means that the price you see for a Surface Pro 4 isn’t the real-world cost. Microsoft advertises the Surface Pro 4 with its keyboard as if it is included. It costs as little as $129 and as much as $159 extra. The more expensive model include a fingerprint reader. The least expensive Surface dumps the Surface Pen, forcing you to pick it up for an additional $59.99. You have to budget for that too.

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