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3 Reasons to Wait for the 2021 MacBook Pro & 2 Reasons Not To



Don't Wait if Your Not In It For the Long Haul

Don't Wait if Your Not In It For the Long Haul

Can you wait over a year and is your current laptop going to last at least that long? If you can't wait for the long haul, you shouldn't even consider the 2021 MacBook Pro at this stage. 

You'll be waiting at least a year, and more likely a year and a half. This is a long time to wait if you need an upgrade now. If that sounds like your current situation, then it is a better idea to look for a current model or even find a deal on a laptop that is a year old. 

From there, you will be better able to survive the next year or two, and then sell the old model for 60-80% of what you paid and upgrade to a 2021 MacBook Pro after the price drops a month or two after it comes out.  

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