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7 Reasons to Wait for the Apple Watch 5 & 5 Reasons Not To



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Don't Wait if You Find a Great Apple Watch Alternative

Don't Wait if You Find a Great Apple Watch Alternative

There are a lot of Apple Watch alternatives out there that you can buy and put on your wrist right now. You don't need to wait for other devices to catch up in terms of style and features -- unless you want the ECG feature. 

With Fitbit offering a huge lineup, there are loads of options available to wear. You can get notifications at a glance, see the time, calendar and other information and check your heart rate. The fitbit Versa and Ionic offer a lot of great options that will allow you to do similar things to the Apple Watch while delivering a more exercise focused wearable. 

You can also use Google Wear OS powered smart watches on the iPhone. This opens up a lot of new options and Apple Watch alternatives to you. It's not going to integrate to the same level as the Apple Watch, but it is an option.  

12 / 12


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