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4 Reasons to Wait for the 2020 AirPods & 3 Reasons Not To



“Should I wait for the 2020 AirPods?” That is something I am hearing more and more from friends and readers who want to know if it is worth waiting for AirPods 3 or AirPods Pro Lite as they may be called.

I’ve been monitoring the rumors to stay on top of what may be coming, and what you may want to wait for. Whether you are using the original AirPods, AirPods 2 or AirPods Pro, this is what you need to know about waiting for the new AirPods this year — whatever they are called.

If you buy AirPods right now, your options are to get the AirPods (2019) model or AirPods Pro. You can still find the original AirPods on sale, but they aren’t worth buying in 2020 unless you find an amazing deal on them.

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Here are the reasons you should wait for the 2020 AirPods before you buy;

  1. Wait For New AirPods Features
  2. Wait If You Want Over the Ear AirPods
  3. Wait for Better Water Resistance
  4. Wait Until the End of March

While it does make sense for many shoppers to wait, it will be a while before we see new models, so there are also a good number of reasons not to wait for the 2020 AirPods including;

  1. Don’t Wait If You Need New Headphones Now
  2. Don’t Wait for Deals
  3. Don’t Wait If You Find a Good Alternative

The current 2020 AirPods rumors are quite sparse, but we are hearing about potential AirPods Pro Lite models, which sound a lot like new 2020 AirPods.

These are described as an entry-level version of the AirPods Pro. The DigiTimes report mentioned production in Q2 2020. Another report appeared on February 21st, which suggests the 2020 AirPods are coming in Q2, but that the coronavirus means that production wouldn’t start until the end of the quarter.

In early March a new report from DigiTimes again mentions the AirPods Pro Lite model name. Production is still reportedly on track for late Q1 and early Q2. This leaves release timing loose, but it may signal a Spring release.

We’ve heard that Apple would host a Spring Event, but officials in Santa Clara County asked Apple to not host large events, so we could see the iPhone SE 2 and 2020 iPad Pro models announced online or with a small gathering.

The current lineup of AirPods and AirPods Pro doesn’t leave much room for a third model, so there is a very good chance that this rumor is talking about a new 2020 AirPods model that replaces the standard version retailing for $159.

Read below for more on each of these reasons. I will update the rumors section above as we learn more about what you can expect from 2020 AirPods.

Wait For New AirPods Features

Wait For New AirPods Features

Are you intrigued by AirPods, but you want something new? If you are on the fence, you should wait and see what the 2020 AirPods features are. 

We could see standard wireless charging or a new ear tip style design that takes some cues from the AirPods Pro, but without active noise canceling. 

While rumors are very light, these represent some of the trends we are seeing and what could happen with the new models. 

Ultimately if there is something you wish the current models had, it is a good idea to hold off and see if it comes to a new set of AirPods in 2020. 

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