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Refurbished Apple TV 4 Now Available at a Nice Discount



Just days after Apple made the 12-inch MacBook available in its refurbished store, the new Apple TV 4 is now available in Apple’s refurbished store for the first time, offering a nice discount for those who want to save a bit of cash.

Earlier last year before the new Apple TV was announced, the company permanently discounted the third-generation Apple TV down to just $59, which at the time hinted to the possibility that Apple might be preparing something new, and it turns out they were.

Of course, the older Apple TV definitely needed a discount, as it was several years old and aging pretty quickly, but it was certainly something curious, especially when Apple TV 4 rumors were peaking at the time.

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If you haven’t yet gotten a new Apple TV and don’t want to pay the full $150 for the entry-level 32GB model, here’s your chance to pick one up at a discounted price.


Apple is currently selling refurbished Apple TV 4 units starting at $129 for the 32GB model, which is $20 off the normal price. However, you’ll save a bit more cash if you opt for the 64GB version, which is $169 in the refurbished store instead of the normal $199 price, which is $30 off.

These are pretty good prices to pay, although there are many stores that are actually providing better deals for brand new units, including RadioShack, which had the new Apple TV as low as $99 in-store, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see more deals like that throughout the year.


The Apple TV fourth-generation was announced in September and released in late October last year. Needless to say, it’s a huge overhaul over the previous model, coming with Siri capabilities, third-party app support, gaming, and an all-new remote that has a built-in trackpad for easier navigation through menus and such.

It’s definitely a big improvement over the older model, but if you’re just not sure about the price, refurbished models are now available that offer a better price that might seem more attractive. The new Apple TV is certainly one of the most expensive set-top boxes on the market right now, where most streaming device usually don’t go over $100.

However, the Apple TV is pretty much the set-top box to get if you’re an Apple user, as AirPlay support and integration with app purchases and iCloud is great to have on the Apple TV.

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Griffin Survivor Play

Griffin Survivor Play

The Griffin Survivor Play is a protective sleeve for the Apple TV remote that can save it from potential damage.

The Survivor Play is geared toward Apple TV gamers that will likely use the remote as a game controller, providing maximum grip so that the remote doesn't fall out of your hands, especially when you're playing a game that requires you to fling around the remote to activate the motion sensors inside.

The protective sleeve is made out of silicone and has extra-thick grips on the back to make it easier to hold. It's priced at $19.99 and is available now.

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1 Comment

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