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Rise of the Tomb Raider Release: 5 Things to Know



Rise of the Tomb Raider Release Date

Rise of the Tomb Raider Release Date

As of right now, the Rise of the Tomb Raider release date is confirmed for Q4 2015. That date applies to the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

For those that need a reminder, this means that the game will be out ahead of the holiday shopping season, sometime between October and December.

Microsoft, Square Enix, and Crystal Dynamics will likely confirm a release date next week during the official reveal of the game. At this point, it doesn't look like the game will be delayed into 2016 which means it could face stiff opposition from games like Fallout 4.

The Xbox One and Xbox 360 Rise of the Tomb Raider releases should come in and around the same time. We typically don't see a big difference between release dates for last-gen and current-gen consoles.  

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