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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Release Date Tips



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You Won't Have to Pre-Order

You Won't Have to Pre-Order

Samsung and its retail partners are expected to take Galaxy Note 9 pre-orders in mid-August ahead of the device's release on August 24th. A pre-order will be tempting, but know that you won't have to put one in to get a device on release day.

Unlike the iPhone, Android devices typically don't sell out ahead of their release dates. In other words, you can typically walk into a store on release day and get the exact model you want straight away. 

Samsung typically provides a few pre-order bonuses in the form of free software and trade-in deals. We also tend to see pre-orders arrive a few days before the actual release date. 

If those sound interesting to you, you'll want to seriously think about putting in a Galaxy Note 9 pre-order. If they don't, take your time and order when you're ready.

The Galaxy Note 9 will be widely available for a long time. 

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