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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Warranty: What You Need to Know



When you spend $999 on a smartphone you’ll want to know all about its warranty. On top of the 1-year warranty from Samsung, did you know you can buy an extended Galaxy Note 9 warranty? Samsung Premium Care protects against things like water damage, broken screens, and general device failure. In fact, it covers almost any situation.

Samsung no longer offers confusing Protection Plus plans and tiers and instead has one easy to understand warranty program. It’s called Samsung Premium Care, and it gives you a lot of benefits.

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Premium Care is more than just an extended Note 9 warranty. You’ll get in-person support or help setting up your Note 9, replacement devices hand-delivered, or same-day repairs. Yes, this is an extra charge on top of paying for the phone. That said, offers a lot more than just extending the warranty for another year.

Instead of paying $100 or $149 for some sort of warranty on the Galaxy Note 9, you pay a monthly fee for Samsung Premium Care. It’s almost like insurance, and you can cancel it whenever you want. That said, with a big 6.4-inch screen and glass covering both sides, we recommend you keep it.

What is Samsung Premium Care?

If you’ve ever had an extended warranty from Samsung just know that the old Protection Plans are no longer available. Instead, every Galaxy Note 9 comes with a traditional 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects or device failure. Then, you can pay monthly for Premium Care as long as you own the phone. There’s no 1-2 year limit.

Premium Care is optional protection and peace of mind for Galaxy Note 9 owners. Free for the first 30 days, then $11.99 a month for as long as you need extended coverage. It’s basically an extended Galaxy Note 9 warranty. Here’s a full list of frequently asked questions and answers.

What Does the Galaxy Note 9 Warranty Cover?

This warranty covers support and customer service, accidents or damage, and general device failure for an additional year on top of the original warranty. Most users will choose Premium Care for the easy screen repairs, but that’s only a small part of what it has to offer.

Samsung will replace your Galaxy Note 9 under any circumstance and they’ll hand deliver it to your house. Well, if you have Premium Care. You can even opt for a HelloTech rep stops in to guide you through transferring an old phone or setting up the new one. You get 1 in-home visit a month (if needed) for tech support.

On top of the personal support and deliveries, you can take your phone to a repair shop for same-day repairs if you’d like. Samsung recently partnered with UBREAKIFIX, which has over 300 retail stores in the United States. These shops can usually replace a cracked screen or other damaged parts in less than 45 minutes. With Premium Care, you can quickly get your screen replaced for just $99 or $129.

How to Buy a Galaxy Note 9 Warranty?

Remember, if your Note 9 has a mechanical failure and you don’t have Premium Care, you’re covered by the regular 1-year manufacturer warranty. For accidents and life’s daily hazards, everything else, or extended coverage, get Premium Care.

It’s free for the first 30 days, then you can call Samsung and set up a payment plan for Premium Care. You can pay for as long as you want, and cancel at any time. To get started paying $11.99 a month or to ask questions, call 1-866-371-9501. Or, download the Shop Samsung App, and get it there.

Galaxy Note 9 Warranty Info & Support

If you run into issues customer support is open 7 days a week (9 AM – 9 PM EST) by calling 1-866-553-3239. For just $11.99 a month, you’ll get everything mentioned above as a Galaxy Note 9 extended warranty.

Basically, Premium Care covers almost any situation. If your phone is broken, you drop it, water-damaged or has a cracked screen, they’ll fix it. No questions asked they’ll replace it. Premium Care members can get up to three Galaxy Note 9 replacements per year. However, that does come with a standard $99 deductible. And if you’re wondering, both the deductible and the 3-device limit is better than what carriers offer. Here’s a comparison that shows why Premium Care is worth it. That said, we see no mention of coverage for lost or stolen phones.

So if your phone breaks for absolutely any reason, Samsung will replace or repair it 3 times in a year for $99. Additionally, you can run to a nearby UBREAKIFIX store and get it fixed in under an hour.

A Few More Details

Finally, we want to quickly mention some of the fine-print on Samsung’s Premium Care so you know what to expect. You can get three repairs per year, with a deductible, and you might get a refurbished phone as your replacement. Which, honestly, is fine with me. Here’s a quote from Samsung’s fine print.

Samsung replacements can come in three different forms: a new, repaired, or refurbished product. Or issue a cash credit equal to the value of the replacement product, and last but not least provide a settlement equal to the value of the replacement product, not to exceed the maximum replacement value of the original product less any applicable deductible.”

In closing, Samsung’s Premium Care plan is a great option to keep your Galaxy Note 9 safe. It’s basically an extended warranty. Perfect for anyone that’s accident-prone, or breaks a lot of phones. It covers the device for as long as you make monthly payments, and extends the original warranty to 2-years. The $99 deductible is better than most too, making this the best deal around.

Be careful with your new phone. If you have to deal with an accident or damage, you’ll be glad you had a warranty. Last but not least, buy one of these 15 best Galaxy Note 9 cases. Then, grab a screen protector and keep your phone safe.



  1. justin w

    09/06/2018 at 4:08 pm

    I called Samsung and the only way to sign up for Premium Care is to have bought from and signed up at the time of purchase. If you either didn’t sign up at time of purchase or bought from Best Buy or anywhere else, you’re not able to sign up : (

    • bing ding

      09/17/2018 at 6:01 pm


      The only (repeat: ONLY) way to get premium care for the Note 9 is to buy it directly from Samsung *AND* to sign up when you buy it.

      You can’t even sign up AFTER buying… even if you bought it from Samsung and they have a record of your order and everything.

      Must be AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE!!!!

      Literally, if you call them they will tell you to return the phone (likely meaning upwards of 3 weeks to a month long delay due to the Note 9 backorder status in North America).

      Samsung tries…. Tries real hard…. and fumbles the ball epically!!!

      good going.

  2. Halal khan

    07/21/2019 at 10:33 am

    Screen damaged

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