Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Release Date Timeline
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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Release Date Timeline



With the first Samsung Galaxy Note Edge release date set for tomorrow, we want to take a look at how the Galaxy Note Edge release date is shaping up and provide a timeline for those that are interested in the device that Samsung will pair with the Galaxy Note 4 in its fight against devices like the iPhone 6 and LG G3.

Way back in September, Samsung took the stage to announce a number of new products. While the spotlight was on the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the company made a surprise announcement in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, a device that shares many of the Galaxy Note 4’s features and comes with a curved display.

The new Galaxy Note Edge is a concept phone and one that should be intriguing to those that are looking to upgrade to a high-end smartphone. Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge specs include a Quad HD resolution, a 2.7 GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 805 with 3GB of RAM, Android 4.4.4 KitKat with Samsung TouchWiz, 16MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization, massive battery, and a thin 8.3mm frame. It also comes with an S Pen stylus. However, it’s the device’s unique screen that sets it apart from the competition, including the Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is now out on shelves in the United States and consumers have begun weighing it against top flight Android and Windows Phone smartphones. Nearly two months after it was first announced, the Galaxy Note Edge still hasn’t been released though that will change starting tomorrow, October 23rd.

Tomorrow represents the first Samsung Galaxy Note Edge release date. Tomorrow, the device will emerge from the shadows for Japanese carriers KDDI and NTT DoCoMo and kick off a release that’s expected to hit a number of other countries down the road. With the first Galaxy Note Edge release date in sight, we want to update prospective buyers on the latest details and provide a Galaxy Note Edge release timeline that zeroes in on all of the important information.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Release Date Timeline

Here, we list every single region that’s confirmed to be getting the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge down the road. We expect other nations to join in as the weeks and months go on but for right now, these countries represent the only know Galaxy Note Edge markets. Remember, this is a concept smartphone and a limited release so we’re probably not going to see 140 countries get a Galaxy Note Edge release date.


Japan will be the first country to release the Galaxy Note Edge onto shelves. KDDI and NTT DoCoMo have been taking pre-orders ahead of the device’s October 23rd release date and tomorrow, those who pre-ordered should get their hands on Samsung’s brand new flagship. Well, the black version of it anyway.

While the carriers are taking pre-orders for the white Galaxy Note Edge, its release date is expected until early-t0-mid November. Neither carrier has issued a specific release date though we assume that that information will emerge once we get closer to the concrete date.

According to Blog of Mobile, Japanese carrier KDDI has been forced to postpone the Galaxy Note Edge release in several prefectures. The delay will not impact every single region though it looks like the Galaxy Note Edge release tomorrow will be limited for those looking to snag one on KDDI. NTT DoCoMo doesn’t appear to be experiencing the same difficulties.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Photos S Pen

It’s also worth mentioning that Japan’s Galaxy Note Edge price is 93,312 yen which translates to about $875 U.S. dollars. That’s just a little bit more expensive than the U.S. Galaxy Note 4 off-contract price. In the U.S., the Galaxy Note 4 costs anywhere between $700 and $826 off-contract. This is a bit surprising, given how expensive early Galaxy Note Edge pre-orders were, but it’s not a confirmation.

International pricing typically does not line up with U.S. smartphone pricing so there’s a very good chance that the Galaxy Note Edge will be more (or less) than $875 off-contract.


China, one of the world’s largest smartphone markets, will be getting the Galaxy Note Edge at some point. It’s expected to be among the first regions to get the curved smartphone though Samsung still has not announced any specific release details.

A Weibo post from an alleged China Mobile employee not only suggests that the carrier will be stocking the Galaxy Note Edge price but it also suggests the Galaxy Note Edge could be expensive in China.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Photos 7

The information, which arrived several weeks ago, indicates that China Mobile could charge 7,000 Yuan for the Galaxy Note Edge. That translates to about $1,139. Last year’s Galaxy Note 3 was 5,399 yuan and the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to command a price around 5,100 Yuan or around $830. That price isn’t set in stone but we should see Chinese carriers announce specific details soon if they’re actually going to be among the first to market.

We’ve seen Galaxy Note Edge models get certifications for the Chinese market so it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when at this point.


The Galaxy Note Edge is confirmed for Samsung’s home base of South Korea. We’ve seen a number of different Korean Galaxy Note Edge models pass through certification on their way to shelves but for whatever reason, we still haven’t gotten any word on the exact release date. SK Telecom, KT, and LG U+ are expected to offer the Galaxy Note Edge.

Samsung has said that its targeting a late October Galaxy Note Edge release date in Korea though it remains mum as the month winds down. Korea is usually among the first to top flight phones and we should see the Korean market join Japan at some point in the near future.

United States

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon all confirmed the Galaxy Note Edge for arrival back in September. Since then though, all four of them have been extremely quiet. That doesn’t mean that we haven’t see the releases make progress though.

Galaxy Note Edge Photos - 10

At the tail end of last week, the Sprint Galaxy Note Edge was caught passing through the FCC on its way to shelves. FCC approval is necessary before a device can hit shelves and it’s one of the last steps in the release process. Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 4 release date for the U.S. just days after the fifth and final Galaxy Note 4 passed through the FCC.

The AT&T and T-Mobile models have also received their FCC certifications which means that they too are one step closer to release. The Verizon Galaxy Note Edge is the only model left that needs clearance and it’s still not clear when it might pass. U.S. Cellular, for the moment, does not appear to have any plans to stock the Galaxy Note Edge though that could certainly change down the road.

Gotta Be Mobile has heard that at least one carrier could be gearing up for a Galaxy Note Edge release on November 4th. This is unverified information but the source was confident about that date.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Photos5

There’s reason to believe that China, Korea, Japan, and the United States will make up Samsung’s initial Galaxy Note Edge markets which means that we should get information about their release dates soon.


Australia looks like it will find itself amongst the initial regions with a release set for November.

Samsung says that the Galaxy Note Edge release in Australia has been pushed to November 12th for unspecified reasons. The device was originally scheduled to arrive on November 5th.


Last week, Samsung confirmed a Galaxy Note Edge release for India. The company did not specify any specific details but did say that a release before the end of the year in the one the world’s biggest markets.


Russian site Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru recently confirmed Samsung’s plans to release the Galaxy Note Edge in Russia before the end of the year. The website, which has been accurate with information in the past, claims that the company will release the Galaxy Note Edge in November or December. Specific release date information has yet to emerge.

Galaxy Note Edge Photos - 2

As is the case with most high-end Russian smartphones, the Galaxy Note Edge is going to be extremely expensive. The Galaxy Note Edge will cost 49,990 rubles which is the equivalent to $1221 in the United States. This should have no bearing on the Galaxy Note Edge price in the United States as smartphone prices in Russia, again, tend to be much higher.

United Kingdom

Samsung United Kingdom has only said that it would confirm release date details in due time. Clove UK, a reputable retailer in the United States, has gone a step further however.

Weeks ago, Clove suggested that the Galaxy Note Edge would not be available in the UK and other European countries at launch. It’s still not clear how long the delay might last though the retailer has shown quite a bit of concern. Instead of waiting, the retailer has decided to source devices from other parts of the world in an effort to sell it on time to its customers.

Whilst we await official confirmation from Samsung, we have heard from distribution channels that the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will not be available in the UK at launch.

When the Note Edge launches, there will not be UK stock available. It will not be available in the majority of European countries.

The retailers comments seem to leave the door open for a wider European launch and that could very well happen. We’ve seen German retailers offer the Galaxy Note Edge ahead of an announcement and so there’s a good chance it could receive a broader release. Clove UK is taking Galaxy Note Edge pre-orders ahead of the release date though they are not recommended.

Galaxy Note Edge Canada

Samsung Canada has confirmed a 2015 release date for the Galaxy Note Edge. It did not provide any specifics and simply said that the region would be behind the U.S. release date for unspecified reasons. Canada typically releases smartphones in close proximity to the United States so this release delay is extremely surprising.

Galaxy Note Edge Photos - 3

We still don’t know where it will head but major carriers like Bell, TELUS, and others are a safe bet. The Galaxy Note Edge will be more limited than the Galaxy Note 4 and consumers will want to temper their expectations moving forward.



  1. UKTechguy

    10/22/2014 at 4:22 pm

    I would rather have a Note 4 but the only way to get 64GB of internal memory looks like waiting for the Edge variant as Samsung is not making a 64GB variant of the Note 4 available in Europe it seems.

  2. Kelly

    10/22/2014 at 7:19 pm

    If there any update for JAPAN? It’s the 23rd in Japan right now, the phone should be out today!
    Is there update for a New Zealand release on the Note Edge? I’m waiting on this to come out! So so want it!

    • MaChan

      10/23/2014 at 8:38 am

      it was out yesterday (10/23) here in Japan at Docomo and I’m getting mine today. By reading this blog, i guess its price is way higher than in the US as stated.

  3. Dennis

    10/22/2014 at 11:09 pm

    whats the protective case look like?

  4. Tiffany banks

    10/23/2014 at 7:39 am

    Samsung its taken to long for this phone to come out. Im tried of waiting

  5. JayCee

    10/23/2014 at 1:05 pm

    I don’t care about the Edge, I care about the other colorways for the Note 4. When are pink and gold being released??

  6. Rick

    10/23/2014 at 1:20 pm

    Note to the Autor: MANY other sites have reported that US Cellular version passed FCC at the same time as AT&T. Either they are all wrong… or you need to update your article.

  7. joseph

    10/24/2014 at 10:33 am

    What if your edge turns out to be deffective….. or you damage it and have insurances added? Any replacement info

  8. j.ito (@basejumpbr)

    10/24/2014 at 5:43 pm

    Galaxy Note Edge is offer by Docomo in 2 years contract for USD 642…is a twice price of Note 4 in USA…

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