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Samsung Galaxy S6: 2 Reasons to Buy & 5 Reasons Not To (2017)



Wait Until You've Prepared to Buy

Wait Until You've Prepared to Buy

If you haven't done any preparation/research, hold off on buying a Galaxy S6 (or any other device) until you're ready to do so. 

It might be temping to buy a new smartphone right away but you should avoid impulse buying if you can. Here are a few things we recommend doing before buying a new device. 

You need to look into your upgrade and make sure it's available. 

If you aren't tied to a carrier make sure you take a look at carrier coverage in your home and the areas you frequent the most. 

We also recommend digging into carrier pricing and data plans. If you haven't upgraded your phone in awhile, they've probably changed. 

Read all of the fine print, look into Galaxy S6 alternatives, and find the best carrier and data plan for you and your needs. Once you feel comfortable, that's when you should make your move. 

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