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Samsung Galaxy S8 Warranty: What You Need to Know



Users can buy a Galaxy S8 warranty or a Galaxy S8+ warranty directly from Samsung. Getting extra protection for their device. The stunning new Galaxy S8 is water-resistant, but Samsung’s warranty still protects against water damage, broken screens, and general device failure. Covering almost any situation.

In the past Samsung has provided a one-time purchase of what’s called Samsung Protection Plus, but things are being done a little different with the Galaxy S8. Now it’s Samsung Premium Care, and it’s loaded with benefits. Either way, owners will work directly with Samsung for fast replacements, troubleshooting, customer support and more.

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With Premium Care owners have everything they need. From premium protection, in-person support, replacement devices hand-delivered, and other things. Of course this is an added charge on top of paying for the phone. It’s also an extended warranty that goes beyond the standard 1-year Samsung warranty on all products. Read on for more information.

Previously know as Samsung Protection Plus, which is still available for Galaxy S7 owners, is an all new option. Instead of paying over $100 on top of the phone, Samsung Premium Care is a low monthly fee.

From what we understand the Protection Plus plans and options aren’t available for the Galaxy S8. We’ve reached out to Samsung and will update as soon as we have all the details. That said, all buyers still get the traditional 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects and device failure. That does not cover general wear and tear. The plan below though, does.

What is Samsung Premium Care?

Samsung Premium Care is a new option for those who buy the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+. Free for the first 30 days, then $11.99 a month for as long as you need extended coverage. Yes it’s another monthly payment similar to carrier insurance, but offers much more. Here’s a full list of frequently asked questions and answers.

It’s advertised as an extended Galaxy S8 warranty, and that’s because it is. On top of the traditional 1-year coverage this Premium Care plan has a slew of options that millions of customers will enjoy.

What Does the Galaxy S8 Warranty Cover?

Not only will Samsung replace the Galaxy S8 no matter what happens, like for any reason, but they’ll hand deliver it to your house. Not to mention have a HelloTech representative guide you through transfer and setup. Answer any other tech related questions and more. It’s your own personal delivery guy and tech support.

Customer support open 7 days a week (9AM – 9PM EST) by calling 1-866-553-3239. Shown above are a few of the many benefits received when spending $11.99 a month for Samsung Premium Care as an extended Galaxy S8 warranty.  You even get 1 in-home visit a month (if needed) for tech support. And that’s just the added benefits, not the most important part.

The bottom line is Premium Care covers any and all situations. If your phone is broken, dropped, water-damaged, has a cracked screen or anything else. It doesn’t matter, they’ll replace it. Premium Care members can get up to three Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ replacements per year. However, that does come with a standard $99 deductible. Although it’s cheaper than most insurance plans provided by carriers in the US. It doesn’t look like it covers lost or stolen phones though, so keep that in mind.

So if your phone breaks for absolutely any reason, Samsung will replace or repair it 3 times in a year for $99.

How to Buy a Galaxy S8 Warranty?

Again, if the phone has a mechanical failure and you don’t have Premium Care, you’re still covered by the regular 1-year manufacturer warranty. This is just extra coverage. If you do want to buy that extra coverage for everything mentioned above, you’ll need to pay for Samsung Premium Care.

It’s free for the first 30 days, then users will need to call Samsung and setup a payment plan for Premium Care. You can pay as long as you want, and cancel at anytime. To get started paying $11.99 a month or to ask questions, call 1-866-371-9501.

This is a good option for many Samsung smartphone owners, as it ensures fast and accurate service right from Samsung themselves. The personal in-home delivery of a new device is a nice touch, too. However, another option and great alternative is the SquareTrade Galaxy S8 warranty that is only $89 per year. SquareTrade has three different options to choose from as well.We’d recommend users read the fine print to know exactly what to expect with both Samsung Premium Care, or a different service like SquareTrade. Some of the smaller details are in replacements, as mentioned below. There is also mention of a “deductible, if applicable” for repairs, so keep that in mind.

Samsung replacements can come in three different forms: a new, repaired, or refurbished product. Or issue a cash credit equal to the value of the replacement product, and last but not least provide a settlement equal to the value of the replacement product, not to exceed the maximum replacement value of the original product less any applicable deductible.

Overall Samsung’s new Premium Care plan is a great option for those seeking an extra Galaxy S8 warranty. It covers the device for as long as you make monthly payments, isn’t too expensive, and is the best route considering it comes directly from Samsung. It sounds a lot better than a carrier insurance plan.

Be careful with your new device. And in the case of an accident you’ll want to have a backup plan as we’ve detailed above. Again, we’ve reached out to Samsung regarding the old Protection Plus plans that extended the warranty to 2-years, and will report back once we know more.

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    04/13/2017 at 12:44 am

    Is this warranty on a Samsung S8 will be applicable globally?

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