20 Best Galaxy S8+ Cases

These are the best Galaxy S8+ cases and covers to keep your phone looking nice and new. Protecting that big 6.2-inch Infinity curved display is a hard task, so a case is highly recommended. Our buyers guide below goes over the many cases available and what they each have to offer.

Samsung’s bezel-free screen looks great, but it’s also more fragile. Which is why each case we recommend comes from top brands we know and trust. Not to mention ones we used on the Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 5, and Google Pixel.

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Our list offers everything from thin cases, rugged cases, kickstand cases, to super cheap thin cases. You’ll find some cases as low as $5, which is better than paying $250+ to repair a broken phone. Spending a little more gets you extra durable cases or more features. We also have excellent cases directly from Samsung with plenty of protection.


With a big curved screen and glass covering both the front and back, you will want a case. Not to mention a screen protector. This is a durable phone but with curved edges and lots of glass, it can break if dropped. Not to mention scratches are inevitable. It’s also worth mentioning that cases for the Galaxy S7 Edge or Note 7 won’t fit. Meaning you’ll need a new case if you upgraded.

While we recommend investing in a quality case from the top brands, even a cheap $7 TPU case is better than nothing. Actually, TPU cases are extremely shock-resistant and are some of the best Galaxy S8+ cases on the market.

A case will help prevent damage to your phone or scratches on the glass back and cameras. They also make it easier to hold and protects your device from life’s daily hazards. This way your phone will stay new for years to come, long past the upcoming Galaxy Android Oreo update.

Big names like Spigen, Speck, Griffin, Incipio and UAG all have Galaxy S8+ cases. Whether you want a real wood case, premium leather, or something else entirely, we have you covered. There’s a little of something for everyone in our slideshow below. While you’re here, consider one of these Galaxy S8 battery cases too.

Samsung Suede-like Case

Samsung Suede-like Case

A new case from Samsung for the Galaxy S8 is the Alcantara case. It's a beautiful and durable hard case that's covered in Suede-like material. It looks good, feels incredibly soft and is "stain-resistant" too. This is our first recommendation of many. Your phone will be safe, and look good doing it. Since it's a fabric the first few days it may shed, but that quickly went away on ours. 

Samsung makes some of the best cases, of course, and this will be no exception. It comes in four different colors and looks pretty unique. Get one for your Galaxy S8+. For whatever reason, most of Samsung's best cases aren't available on their own online shop. If you want one, check out MobileFun.com for all your needs. 

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